Taiwan authorities say the Taiwan spy case is "empty" and the Taiwan Affairs Office is guilty.

Taiwan authorities say the Taiwan spy case is

More than 100 cases of Taiwanese espionage have been uncovered in mainland China recently. There have been reports that Taiwan intelligence agents have used money to buy and pornography to lure mainland students in Taiwan to collect information. The Taiwan authorities'Land Commission said this was "a myth". In response, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, an Feng Shan, responded to the news conference in September 26th.

"I have shown our attitude on this matter before," An Feng Shan said. For a period of time, Taiwan's spy and intelligence agencies have been wantonly engaged in intelligence theft and infiltration activities aimed at the mainland. The National Security Agency organized the special action of "2018 thunderbolt" and cracked hundreds of Taiwan espionage cases. State owned law, these illegal activities will be severely punished by law. We have done so entirely in accordance with the law in order to safeguard national security, maintain the normal order of cross-strait exchanges and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of compatriots on both sides of the Strait. Facts speak louder than words. Some departments in Taiwan avoid facts and confuse right and wrong, and they can only prove that they are guilty of being guilty.



Asked if the incident would affect the future willingness of mainland students to study in Taiwan, Anfeng Shan said, here I would also like to emphasize that the mainland has always actively supported cross-strait educational exchanges and cooperation, and we encourage cross-strait young students to communicate more. However, Taiwan's spy and intelligence agencies have resorted to despicable means to reach out to these young students who have not yet been deeply involved in Taiwan, seriously harming the interests of the land students and seriously undermining cross-strait educational exchanges. We call on the relevant parties in Taiwan to immediately stop any infiltration and sabotage activities that endanger national security and ensure the personal safety of mainland students.


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