Original title: Xi'an man holding a baby in the garage driving video hot transmission netizens: no one is responsible for himself.

It is a basic knowledge of drivers that children must ride in safety seats, but some drivers ignore it and even drive with their children in their arms. Recently, a short video of a man in Xi'an driving in an underground garage with a child in his arms and letting the child hit the right direction while driving circulated on the Internet. Many netizens said it was too dangerous.

Men driving with their children

Yesterday morning, reporters from the three Qin Metropolis Daily found this video on the Internet. The video shows a man sitting in the driver's seat with a little boy in his arms as the vehicle drives through a small underground garage. The man in the video says to the little boy, "Turn, turn, push, hit hard, hit here, hit here, hit this way, this way," and directs the little boy sitting on his leg to turn the steering wheel. The video shows no vehicle numbers and no shooting time.

According to the instructions of netizens, yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the video shooting area Ziweiqujiang artistic conception district. Reporters found that the underground garage of the district has ups and downgrades, turning corners and corners are also many. According to the confirmation of many owners in the District, the video shooting location is located in the E area of the underground garage of the district. In the video, the car's route is close to an exit from the underground garage, and the garage in the neighborhood is already parked thousands of cars, frequent access, which is really dangerous.

Net friend: This is a bad example.

Video circulated on the Internet and caused heated debate, many netizens left comments criticizing men's behavior, "This is a bad example, people are not responsible for themselves." Some netizens pointed out that maybe little boys like toy cars from an early age, but the children's values, right and wrong view and judgment are not mature, if parents hold their children in the truck operation, it will give the children misleading, think that they have the ability to operate a real car. Accidents are fiercer than tigers, which are not responsible for people.

Reporter interviews, to the garage parking car owners said that they all know about the online video streaming. A woman owner surnamed Zhang said: "As a parent, we can not blindly satisfy the children's preferences, but to judge the consequences and impact. This is not only a wrong guide to children, but also easy to cause trouble. ,

Source: San Qin Metropolis Daily

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