Legend wants to sell Motorola business Yang Yuanqing: it's a rumor.

Legend wants to sell Motorola business Yang Yuanqing: it's a rumor.

Sina Science and Technology News September 26 afternoon news, Lenovo Innovation Science and Technology Conference held from 26 to 27, the theme is "Intelligent change and open empowerment." At the meeting, the chairman of Lenovo Group and CEO Yang Yuanqing and other executives interviewed by the media.

There are rumors recently that Lenovo intends to sell Motorola mobile phone business acquired in 2014. Lenovo spent $2.9 billion on Motorola's mobile phone business in 2014, but the acquisition did not meet expectations. Instead, shipments fell sharply and consumers paid for it in overseas markets.

Lenovo is rumoured to have ruled out mainland manufacturers such as Huami OV and is interested in selling Motorola's mobile phone business to Taiwan or overseas companies.

However, Yang Yuanqing denied this rumor in today's interview, calling it "purely a rumor".

In August this year's performance communication conference, Yang Yuanqing also talked about Motorola business. At that time, he said, mobile businesses should turn losses into profits as soon as possible. Yang Yuanqing said the current strategy is clear and confident that Motorola's cost will be controlled within one billion dollars, which was more than two billion dollars when it was first acquired. In addition to focusing on high-end products and Latin America and other core markets, "Motorola is more positioned in the high-end, Lenovo brand positioning is low-end, we think this approach is more in line with the status quo." (Zhang Jun)

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