ASUS's unfavorable transformation will involve layoffs, mobile phones and tablets.

ASUS's unfavorable transformation will involve layoffs, mobile phones and tablets.

Sina Technologies News September 26 afternoon, according to media reports in Taiwan, China, the operation of Asus in turbulent last year, although the chairman of the board of directors Shi Chongtang ordered a full transformation, but after a year, the operation did not improve, Shi Chongtang was invited back to Asus as the current Vice Chairman of the fire brigade and chairman of the strategy Xu Shichang, decided. The first step is to reshuffle the profit making business.

Starting in late August, ASUS launched a new wave of organizational restructuring. Lin Zongliang, the former head of telecom customers and vice president of the world, was transferred to the commercial computer business group, and Yao Yanbo, the global marketing director of the ROG brand, remained on the payroll suspension. Nearly a hundred employees also received letters choosing internal transfers or preferential departures, and a new wave of layoffs was in full swing.

Shi Chongtang, chairman of the board of directors, called for Asus to change his head last year and handed over the reform to Chief Executive Shen Zhenlai, according to media surveys in Taiwan, but in the past year, Asus has not stepped out of the wind and its operations have become increasingly steep. In addition to the newly established electric competition, it has not been able to compete against Microstar and other competitors, and has made every effort to sprint into smartphones. HUAWEI, OPPO, millet and other mainland brands have been pressed by both sides.

Especially in the second quarter of this year, ASUS handed over its operating transcript, earning 1.8 yuan per share, a record low for eight years, while the new mobile phone manufacturers, Xu Shichang asked Shen Zhenlai to work hard and streamline manpower for the unprofitable cause. It is understood that the first wave was streamlined by tablet computers, as well as the team responsible for telecommunications mobile phones; in addition, the revenue of 10 to 20% of the competitive business group, has also become a restructuring target.

"More than 700 members of the team, the size of the same number of micro-stars, sales performance is not distant." ASUS employees revealed. "Asus is the motherboard leader, but the competition pen met, as well as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Acer, these laptop cafes, product advantages are no longer faced with strong enemies, profit is not as expected, natural passive knife."

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