Yang Yuanqing: Lenovo is more than PC enterprise data center business profits will exceed PC

Yang Yuanqing: Lenovo is more than PC enterprise data center business profits will exceed PC

Sina Science and Technology News September 26 afternoon news, Lenovo Innovation Science and Technology Conference held from 26 to 27, the theme is "Intelligent change and open empowerment." At the meeting, the chairman of Lenovo Group and CEO Yang Yuanqing and other executives interviewed by the media.

Lenovo across the inflection point 2B business will become the focus of the future

Yang Yuanqing said that Lenovo has now crossed the inflection point, to implement the new strategy to take a U-shaped, Lenovo has crossed the bottom, to the ascendant stage. In the past three or four quarters, Lenovo's revenue has accelerated, its profits have improved, and its share price has accelerated. Lenovo's share price has risen by 30 or 40 percent.

For Lenovo's future strategy, he will focus on the implementation of intelligent transformation. Lenovo will develop more devices, such as smart speakers, smart displays, ARs and VRs, in addition to existing PC and mobile devices, and more smart Internet of Things devices for corporate customers, such as providing protocols and modules, and embedded devices. Modules and servers; the Internet of Things, cloud computing infrastructure, high-performance computing; the third is to promote industry intelligence, with advanced algorithms and large data, according to the characteristics of each industry, to promote the intelligent development of all industries. For example, Lenovo has already made intelligent layout, intelligent retail, intelligent medical treatment and so on.

On the first day of Lenovo Innovation Conference, 2B business became the focus of the conference. Does this mean Lenovo is changing from 2C to 2B? Yang Yuanqing believes that Lenovo used to be a PC company, is first from 2B, then landed to 2C, because the outside world will think that Lenovo is a 2C enterprise. But he pointed out that in fact Lenovo's accumulation was mainly in the 2B area, and later it laid out its data center business, communicating with corporate customers and doing more business. "Our PC is very successful, the external impression of us is 2C, no image of 2B established. Since the beginning of this year, we have divided 2B and 2C into two sessions. Future publicity and image will also separate 2B and 2C businesses. "

Yang Yuanqing said that Lenovo's data center business, industry intelligence and other 2B business growth potential is great. Previously, the PC business grew rapidly, but the data center grew to 67 percent. "The industry has been smart, nearly 100 million before, and this year's goal is to triple." Yang Yuanqing said. He also cites the data center business as an example of how, once the infrastructure is built, he is confident that the data center business will be more profitable than the PC business.

However, he stressed that the development and publicity of 2B business is not a day's work and requires more long-term efforts. He also said that the 2B business is not for speculation, not for market value alone.

Will continue to increase R & D and technology input.

Recently, many Internet Co have begun investing in R & D investment in basic technology such as chips. Asked if Lenovo was considering entering the chip business, Lenovo Group Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer Rui Yong said that Lenovo is more concerned about tomorrow's "operating system and database" than the current chip, operating system and other businesses. "In the long run, Lenovo is more concerned about two areas: Artificial Intelligence Platform and 5G, IoT, edge computing, etc." He Zhiqiang, senior vice president of Lenovo Group and President of Lenovo Venture Capital Group, added that Lenovo Venture Capital has been investing in core components such as sensors and processors.

Regarding the current R&D investment of Lenovo Group, Rui Yong said that Lenovo's innovation is an internal and external dual-engine, at the same time, there are three levels: the first level is BG research and development, more attention to the next year or two; the second level is the research institute, bearing the future industrial development trend, focusing on three to five years of R&D. The third level is venture capital, focusing on the next five to ten years.

Yang added that Lenovo spends 8-10 billion yuan a year on R&D, which is not comparable to top companies, but ranks in the top fifteenth among Chinese companies, and is not lagging behind Dell and other manufacturers in the same industry. He also said that Lenovo now has more than 20 thousand patents, which can increase more than two thousand a year. At the same time, R & D centers not only in China and the United States, but also in Brazil, India, Israel and other countries. "Lenovo will continue to increase R & D investment in the future," he said. (Zhang Jun)

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