WeChat has opened up mobile payment services to Hongkong users since October.

WeChat has opened up mobile payment services to Hongkong users since October.

Sina Technologies News September 26 afternoon, with the support of the People's Bank of China and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Wechat Hong Kong Wallet announced that it became the first Licensee to provide mobile payment services to Hong Kong users in the mainland.

Since October, Hong Kong users using the latest version of Wechat have been able to buy high-speed rail tickets, taxis and meals in the Mainland via Wechat. When the user pays, Weixin Hong Kong wallet will automatically convert the amount of Renminbi paid into the corresponding amount of Hong Kong dollars. The user can pay through the balance of the wallet, the bonded credit card or the Hong Kong dollar in the bank card.

It is reported that in the cross-border payment field, Hong Kong users will be able to use Weixin Hong Kong wallet for payment by mainland merchants in the future to achieve "two-way cross-border payment".

After almost everyone in the Mainland is accustomed to using mobile payment, the giant will begin to expand its territory, and Hong Kong is a must for military personnel. In September 17th, the Hongkong Monetary Authority announced the launch of a fast payment system called "quick revolutions", and the access of companies such as Alipay and WeChat to Hongkong.

Prior to this, Alipay has entered many supermarkets and chain stores in Hongkong, and WeChat Hongkong wallet has begun to provide users with small transfers, offline payment, red packets transceiver and other functions.

But for Hongkong citizens, mobile payment doesn't seem to be very attractive. According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the most common payment channels used by Hong Kong people in the past year are still cash (99%) and Octopus (97%) while mobile payment is only 20%.

A recent survey by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Management Corporation (HKISM) indicates that Hong Kong citizens have both expectations and worries about mobile payment, mainly about network security and personal privacy.

As far as Wechat is concerned, by facilitating Hong Kong users'shopping in the Mainland, it should help to further popularize it among Hong Kong users. As long as the frequency of use rises, users will naturally get used to the habit.

The actual layout of the giants is not just about payment, but also more financial operations are accelerating. At the end of August, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) received 29 applications for a virtual banking licence. Tencent, millet, Zhongan and Ningfu were among the applicants.

In Tencent, Gao Ning and Tencent jointly established the fund company Gao Teng International Asset Management Co., Ltd. Recently, the company has been granted licences No. 4 and No. 9 of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. It can set up private and public funds invested in overseas markets in Hong Kong and other qualified overseas areas, as well as carry out securities investment advisory services. (Li Nan)

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