Shen Tong follows up the express delivery fee to Shanghai: an increase of 0.5 yuan / piece.

Shen Tong follows up the express delivery fee to Shanghai: an increase of 0.5 yuan / piece.

After Zhong Tong, Yun DA and Tantong, Shen Tong will also raise the price.

On September 26, Peng Mei news reporter learned from Shentong Express that the company will increase the express delivery fee to Shanghai by 0.5 yuan per piece. After the increase, the dispatch fee will be uniformly balanced by Shanghai District according to the regional characteristics and the degree of difficulty in dispatching to formulate a differential adjustment policy.

Shentong explained that due to the continuous increase in labor, operation, transportation costs, and the impact of the industry environment, many unstable factors lead to great pressure on express delivery to Shanghai, service quality can not be guaranteed. In order to better serve our customers, improve the quality of service, and promote the balance of network development, the express delivery fee to Shanghai was adjusted.

The day before, the Yuantong side also announced that in order to ensure the quality of service and terminal delivery, and to take into account the rising costs, environmental factors and other factors, Yuantong will increase the express delivery fees to Shanghai by 0.5 yuan per ticket.

Up to now, in addition to Shentong, Yuantong, Zhongtong and Yunda also announced before the increase in the cost of express to Shanghai. The price range announced by Tantong and rhyme was 0.5 yuan / piece, and the general regulation has not yet announced the price adjustment range. Major express delivery companies announced price adjustment reasons are quite similar, mostly due to the industry environment, personnel, venues and other cost increases caused by the pressure on delivery.

For the reason why the national express fee to Shanghai should be adjusted first, China Communications explained, "In order to ensure the service guarantee ability of express outlets in Shanghai during the peak season, especially during the Expo, combined with the prominent industrial problems of contradictions between the supply and demand of personnel, transportation and venues in Shanghai express market, China will adjust the whole country first. The express charge to Shanghai. "

China Unicom did not disclose the specific price increase. However, the company stressed that the express delivery industry has the distinction between off-season, express delivery companies have begun to practice more in line with the law of the market dynamic pricing mechanism, "after the peak season, express prices need to be determined according to the specific circumstances of market changes.

"In the first half of this year, the express delivery prices are down, off-season price war is intensifying." Some industry insiders told reporters that express delivery is a fully competitive market after all, "the future express prices will be dynamically adjusted according to market conditions."

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