Attorney Liu Qiangdong: the prosecutor will not prosecute because there is discrepancy between the accusation and the evidence.

Attorney Liu Qiangdong: the prosecutor will not prosecute because there is discrepancy between the accusation and the evidence.

In the case of sexual assault involving the United States, the lawyer for the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong Group, Liu Qiangdong, insisted that he was not guilty.

On the evening of September 25, Beijing time, Jill Brisbois, Liu Qiangdong's criminal defense lawyer, told Peng Mei News that the charges and evidence in the case of rape were different. "Once the investigation is completed, the evidence will be disclosed to the public to prove that he is innocent."

The day before September 24, Reuters reported that the woman involved in the case, 21-year-old University of Minnesota girl, sent a midnight tweet to friends, saying that Liu Qiangdong had forced her to have sex with him. Informed sources said, in the afternoon of August 31st, she went to the hospital for sexual assault forensic identification.

Jill Brisbois declined to comment on details of the case. "Unlike other people, we can't share evidence with the media because we respect the judicial process and we don't interfere with it," she told Peng Chao News.

However, Jill Brisbois told Peng Mei: "We don't think prosecutors will prosecute because they will find that the charges are inconsistent with the evidence.

At present, Minneapolis, Minnesota City police have completed the preliminary investigation of the case, and the case will be transferred to the prosecution, prosecutors will review all the evidence, has not yet decided whether to prosecute.

"According to Liu Qiangdong's request, the investigation was carried out at all stages".

According to an earlier report from the Minneapolis Police Archives Information Department, Liu Qiangdong's suspected rape occurred at 1 a.m. on Friday, August 31.

According to the report, Liu Qiangdong was suspected of involvement in the crime of rape, the suspected offence is described as: first-degree sexual offence, rape (CSCR-1, CSC-RAPE-COMPLETE), the crime grade of a felony. These records should be recorded by the police according to the accusation of the woman, not the result of the investigation.

According to the public records of Henneping County Prison, Liu Qiangdong was registered at 23:32 on August 31 and released at 16:05 on September 1 (Saturday), about 16 hours later without bail.

"Liu Qiangdong was arrested on a charge that we believe is false. He was quickly released by the police without travel restrictions or bail." Jill Brisbois stressed the surging news reporters.

Jill Brisbois told Peng Mei that she became a criminal defense lawyer for Liu Qiangdong on September 1, after he was charged with sexual offences. Her specific duty is to represent Liu Qiangdong in the criminal investigation conducted by the Minneapolis police.

Jill Brisbois belongs to Caplan& Tamburino law firm. She is a member of the Council of the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a certified criminal law expert with the title of only 3% of lawyers.

Jill Brisbois said she had met Liu Qiangdong but could not comment on the details.

In addition to Jill Brisbois, Liu Qiangdong has at least two defense counsel in the United States. Among them, Joseph Friedberg is the top criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, with more than 40 years of experience and remarkable success record, including 85% of the state trial acquittal rate and 17 federal trial acquittal cases. Earl Grey, also a senior criminal defense lawyer with more than 40 years of experience, has been named the "best lawyer in the United States" for 25 consecutive years and is a member of the Council of Criminal Lawyers.

"We believe he is innocent, and we cooperated with the investigation at all stages, in accordance with Mr. Liu's request." Jill Brisbois stressed this in an interview with surging journalists.

Refusing to comment on the details of the case, called "respecting the investigation process".

In a report on Sept. 24, Reuters reveled some details, citing the contents of the girl's micro-mail at the time of the case and people familiar with the matter.

"It's a trap, I'm really drunk," said Liu Qiangdong at Origami, a Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis on the evening of August 30, Reuters reported.

Later, Liu Qiangdong and the woman went to a house in Minneapolis rented by a classmate of Liu Qiangdong's who attended an academic course.

Reuters said the two did not enter the house. Finally, they returned to the girl's apartment. Around 2 a.m. on August 31, the girl tweeted to her friends in her apartment: "I don't want to." Tomorrow, I'll try to escape.

Florin Roebig Law Firm and Hang & amp; Associates are the female lawyers involved, Reuters reported. Florin Roebig, a well-known results-oriented law firm with a history of more than 30 years, is responsible for the maximum amount of compensation for victims, and has won more than $1 billion in compensation for clients since its inception. Hang Jian joint law firm is located in New York. Its main business areas include labor disputes, discrimination and harassment.

In response, Jill Brisbois said, "When Reuters contacted us about the report, we explained to them that it was unfair to report only one side of the story. The case has not been settled yet, and the prosecution is still considering how to deal with it. We respect the investigation process, and in order to respect it, we cannot comment on anything that happens during the police investigation and when the prosecutor's office is handling the case."

The lawyer said, "there is discrepancy between the accusation and the evidence."

Liu Qiangdong's investigation has made some progress.

On September 20, Chuck Laszewski, a spokesman for the Hennepin County Attorney's Office in Minnesota, announced in a progress note to Peng Mei journalists that the Minneapolis police had handed over charges of sexual assault against Liu Qiangdong to prosecutors. Mike Freeman, Mike Freeman, said the police completed a preliminary investigation. Now, the prosecutor will examine all the evidence and decide whether or not to accuse it. There is no deadline for this decision.

On September 26, Laszewski again confirmed to Peng Mei journalists that the prosecutor's office in Hennepin County was still reviewing the case and there was no new information to report.

Jill Brisbois told Peng Mei journalists that they did not communicate with the Hennepin County Public Prosecutor's Office because the case is being handled by the office, which is a normal legal process. According to the operational procedures, once the police investigation is completed, the case will be submitted to the Hennepin County Public Prosecutor's Office for independent evaluation of the evidence collected.

"The police are investigating and the prosecutors are evaluating the case, and none of these facts shows that the case will be prosecuted. It's just a process. In this whole process, Mr. Liu was accused of being innocent. Jill Brisbois added that "prosecutors are likely to cancel the case at any time in the process."

"We don't think prosecutors will prosecute because they will find that the charges are inconsistent with the evidence," Jill Brisbois told Peng Chao News.

At present, Liu Qiangdong has returned to China and has attended a series of enterprise activities.

Before the local time on September 7, Jingdong responded to a suspected rape case by Liu Qiangdong on the company's investor relations website in the form of a question and answer. Jingdong said Liu Qiangdong, the company's founder and chairman of the board of directors, would continue to lead the company, and the incident did not affect its daily operations.

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