Sandvine Research Report: Netflix consumes 15% of global network traffic.

Sandvine Research Report: Netflix consumes 15% of global network traffic.

According to the latest Global Internet Phenomenon Report by bandwidth management company Sandvine, movies and TV programs account for nearly 58% of downstream Internet traffic, and Netflix alone consumes 15% of global network traffic, making it the largest contributor to global downstream traffic.

Netflix has grown by nearly 27 million users in the past year, leading the video streaming service with a global market share of 26.58%. Video streaming is the main contributor to Internet traffic, followed by web browsing and games, the report said. Interestingly, file sharing Openload is ahead of mainstream services such as Hulu and HBO Go.

At the same time, BitTorrent occupies the highest position of upstream traffic with a market share of 22%. Most of this is due to exclusive content related to streaming services: HBO's Game of Power, Netflix's Drug Owner, Amazon's Jack Ryan and Hulu's Maid Story. This clearly shows that piracy is still very popular.

Sandvine's 2007 Internet Phenomenon Report stresses that about 7 million consumers in North America use pirated TV streams to consume content.

As more and more people go online, traffic to services like Netflix will only continue to grow rapidly, and the company is investing heavily in creating programs for local audiences in different countries. It is also trying interactive programming, allowing viewers to choose their own plot path to attract customers to stay longer on the platform. According to the survey, if Netflix can't compress video size effectively, it will consume more bandwidth, and Netflix will probably consume three times as much traffic in the future as it does today.

Here are some other interesting findings of the report:

50% of Internet traffic has been encrypted.

Instagram is the largest social network in terms of traffic, followed by Facebook.

Skype is the most popular messaging application followed by WhatsApp.

Spotify has a place in music streaming service.

The League of heroes is the best game, followed by Epic Games's night of the fortress.

It should be noted, however, that the report does not contain data from China and India, the two largest Internet consumers in the world. Including more detailed data from both countries, Netflix's dominance could be very different because Netflix is not yet available in China, and both countries have several major streaming platforms, each with millions of users.

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