Japan plans to provide 5G services partly from next year.

Japan plans to provide 5G services partly from next year.

TOKYO, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) - Japan's Ministry of General Affairs held a meeting on 5G services on Thursday. Japan's major mobile operators said they would provide part of 5G services from next year and 5G services for general users from 2020.

The conference mainly discussed the way and price of 5G services. Three major Japanese mobile operators, including Ducomo Communications, said they planned to provide 5G communications services to businesses starting in 2009, including leasing equipment related to 5G services, and to provide 5G services for live video broadcasting during the rugby World Cup in Japan in 2019. This is one year ahead of the original plan.

Four Japanese mobile operators, including Japan's Lotte Market Co., which recently joined the mobile communications service, plan to provide 5G services to ordinary users from 2020. However, the existing mobile phones and other terminals can not use 5G services, Japanese mobile operators plan to start selling 5G services can be used by the spring of 2020 terminal equipment. The cost of 5G services has not been determined yet, but it is expected to be similar to the current 4G cost standard.

The maximum communication speed of 5G technology can reach about 100 times that of 4G technology. It can realize short-time and large-capacity communication. The signal delay will be extremely reduced. It is expected to be applied in many fields such as automatic driving, artificial intelligence, telemedicine and so on.

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