The "will judicial evidence filing inquiry system" on-line: block chain technology


Beijing, Oct. 4 (Reporter Pan Yi) According to the Voice of China's "National News Joint Broadcast" reported that recently, China's testamentary database "testamentary judicial evidence filing inquiry system" officially launched, the system is China's first through the block chain technology for testamentary judicial deposit services. When disputes arise in a will, judges can collect, broadcast and verify relevant electronic evidence online at the scene of the trial.

It is understood that the "testamentary judicial evidence filing inquiry system" is the Chinese testamentary database registration system received from the China Judicial University Data Research Institute under the Judicial Electronic Evidence Cloud Platform, uploaded from the testamentary database data information and evidence documents, through electronic signature, the system automatically authorized by the national time granting center to trust. Authentication time binding, through the third-party cloud storage, forensic authentication and backup, block chain tamper-proof and other technical support means for electronic forensics, certification.

Chen Kai, director of the China Testament Treasury Management Committee, said, "The image scan of the text of the will will be converted into a string which will be filed on the evidence cloud. Because it adopts the block chain technology, it is saved in the form of block chains on many different servers. In theory, there is little possibility of modification, forming a complete, unchangeable electronic data.

In the past, when the court tried a testamentary case, once the parties questioned the authenticity of the will, the court had to entrust judicial appraisal. Not only the appraisal time was long, but the appraisal results were often uncertain. Chen Kai introduced that relying on this platform, once a will dispute, the relevant evidence can be downloaded to the court in the form of documents, CD-ROMs or U-disk, while the platform also supports the judge in the court on-line access to the scene, broadcast, verification. He said: "In addition, the certificate issued by the Chinese Testament Bank can be an electronic evidence issued to the court, the court does not need to wait for paper documents to travel time, greatly saving litigation time and costs.

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