17 marshalling super long version "Renaissance" appeared in Beijing in 2019 and put into operation.

17 marshalling super long version

Beijing, Oct. 4 (Reporter Pan Yi) According to the Voice of China's "National News Joint Broadcast" reported that July 1 this year, China's development of 16 long marshalling "Fuxing" train for the first time running on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed line. Shortly after that, "Renaissance" added new members. Recently, the 439.8 meters long body, can take 1283 people's 17 marshalling super-long version of the "Fuxing" unveiled at Beijing Ring Rail Base, will be put into operation in 2019 Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail.

It is understood that the super-long version of 17 marshalling "Fuxing" train is in Beijing for various static and low-speed tests, after which will also go to high-speed rail lines for high-speed tests. The super-long version of "Fuxing Number" is based on the original 16 long marshalling "Fuxing Number" and an additional Trailer compartment.

Zhang Fangtao, chief designer of China Railway Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., said the train had an additional 90 second-class passenger car compared with the previous 16 "Fuxing" vehicles, mainly to increase transport capacity. The 16 marshalling body is 414.15 meters long, and the 17 marshalling body has increased by 25.65 meters to 439.8 meters.

Up to now, China's development of 350 km/h "Fuxing" EMUs, there are eight marshalling, 16 marshalling and 17 marshalling three versions. Since the operation of Fuxing, the passenger flow of popular lines, long trunk lines, especially the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway has been increasing continuously. The original 16 long-marshal EMUs have been unable to meet the needs of passengers during peak travel to a certain extent, so a super-long version of Fuxing has been developed.

For the super-long version of the "Fuxing" using a 17-vehicle marshalling design, Zhang Fangtao explained that this is based on the current high-speed rail facilities to maximize capacity. The effective length of the platform is generally 450 meters, and the length of the 17 modules is 439.8 meters, which is close to the effective length of the whole platform. If added, there would be no technical problems with EMUs, but some areas of infrastructure such as platforms or maintenance depots might not be suitable.

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