People's online review: contract for 99 years, "Liang Hao" additional conditions against the sky.

People's online review: contract for 99 years,

Author: Wu Lichuan

China's mobile phone "Liang Hao" users are plunged into a collective resentment.

Since Sept. 24, the media reported that Mr. Zhang, a mobile user with the tail number 6789, had been refused to lower his charges. As of the evening of 27, 40 similar complaints had been received. A number of consumers reported that their mobile phone number was designated as the "Beautiful Number", the monthly minimum consumption quota was set, and part of the contract life as long as 99 years!

99 years? Are you sure this is not a joke? Is it too much to use "Liang Hao" to make "leek" for a lifetime?

Liang Hao is also called lucky sign. Mobile phone number book is neither high nor low, the so-called beautiful number, is entirely the operator to use users to beg for lottery psychological small action. For a long time, it has become a business. It also charges extra fees to get some unequal terms. Some operators shout slogans in support of speeding up and lowering fees, but they use the routine of "stop loss" by the users, which is not benign. To change this situation, it is inseparable from industry regulation, sometimes even at the national level.

It is easy to see that operators are dealing with an unarmed customer with a trick of "asking for help". For example, many operators have repeatedly emphasized the possibility of changing the package for the first time in dealing with the business, but when users apply to change the package according to the contract, they are told that the minimum consumption is life-long. What is the difference between such a fooling trick and those selling "Dali pills" on the street?

Operators not only play an absolute advantage in the formulation of game rules and the distribution of the right to speak, but also play a margin ball of laws and regulations, and even go directly beyond the laws and regulations to form a new set of rules which seem fair and hegemonic. How many winners do operators face when they even ignore legal principles?

It is well known that the relevant laws and regulations of the telecommunications industry do not specify what a beautiful number is, in other words, the law does not recognize the existence of a beautiful number. The reason is that Liang Hao can not pricing in the formal market. According to the Regulations on the Management of Telecommunication Network Number Resources, operators of telecommunications business shall not charge subscribers a fee for selecting or occupying the number after they have obtained the right to use the number. The sale is not legal. There are similar provisions in the Telecommunications Ordinance.

In order to thoroughly resolve the disputes, we must stop the mechanism of "conditions attached to the beautiful number" in accordance with the spirit of law. Saying no to the operator's behavior of taking advantage of the disguised extra charges of the "Beautiful Number" is to stop the undercurrent of arbitrary charges, clear up the mist over the number resources, and make every effort to speed up and reduce the charges.

On the afternoon of the 27th, a person in charge of the Anti-monopoly and Anti-unfair Competition Law Enforcement Bureau of Anhui Industry and Commerce Bureau told Peng Mei Shimbun that after issuing the Notice of Order for Rectification and Reform, the three major operators still stressed the rationality of this practice, claiming that they were prepared to reduce the conditions and were reluctant to correct it fundamentally.

This habit is not to be used to. This again illustrates the necessity of completely stopping the conditions attached to Liang Hao. Operators haggling, bargaining with the relevant departments, highlighting the "gold content" of the undercurrent of arbitrary charges, highlighting the speed-up and fee-reduction can not be a bold resistance.

In recent years, the prime minister's several calls, the supervision of the competent authorities, so that operators have made some progress in speeding up and reducing fees, but not smooth. This month, the State Council's eighth inspection team through the comments of Netizens found that there are still many problems to be solved to speed up and reduce fees. The first big problem is mobile phone packages, many traps and rising tariffs.

There is no doubt that "Liang Hao additional conditions" is a block stone to be removed. Speed-up and fee-cut is a change from the outside to the inside, taking away those shadowy or even shadowy things, first of all!

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