US Defense Minister: Russia's attack on CWC is against international rules.

US Defense Minister: Russia's attack on CWC is against international rules.

Russian satellite network reported on the 5th, US Defense Minister Matisse said in Brussels on the 4th that the news about Russia's attack on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) shows that Russia has abandoned international norms in disregard.

Matisse told reporters: "Russia's General Staff Intelligence Agency launched an attack on the OPCW again reflects the irresponsible behavior of Moscow. Russia is ignoring international norms. " He also pointed out that the United States will provide support to allies in the field of network security protection.

"As for how to fight back, it is up to the affected countries to make political decisions, and we will support them," he said. But it doesn't have to be "tit for tat".

Matisse believes that the Dutch and British information about Russian hackers attempting to invade the OPCW is absolutely accurate.

The Netherlands Defense Ministry announced earlier Thursday that the Dutch intelligence service had successfully prevented the Russian side from launching cyber attacks against the OPCW. The Dutch Defense Ministry also announced the expulsion of four Russian citizens with diplomatic passports suspected of involvement in the cyber attack. Russia's foreign ministry commented on Dutch allegations that Russia was attempting to launch cyber attacks against the OPCW, saying that "spy paranoia" in the West is getting worse.

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