Foreign media: BOE seeks to supply OLED panels for Samsung smart watches.

Foreign media: BOE seeks to supply OLED panels for Samsung smart watches.

Sina Technologies News Beijing evening on October 5, South Korean media "ET NEWS" today quoted industry sources as saying that China's largest display panel manufacturer Jingdong is looking for OLED panels for Samsung Electronics supplier.

"Beijing Oriental is looking to supply OLED display panels for Samsung Galaxy Watch smart watches," the industry said. Reported that the move means that South Korea's two major display panel manufacturers Samsung Display and LG Display will directly face the challenge of Beijing Oriental.

Before that, BOE had supplied LCD panels for Samsung, and never supplied OLED panels. The report also said that Beijing Oriental also plans to supply OLED panels for Huawei's Mat Pro flagship smartphones later this year.

In fact, in July this year, foreign media reported that Huawei has reached a partnership with Beijing Oriental, which will supply some screens for Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The report also said that BOE will provide at least 1 million flexible OLED screens to China.

According to industry insiders, this means that Huawei's flagship high-end mobile phone Mate 20 Pro may follow up with all the screens in Beijing and Eastern China, and also means that the supply of high-end products for Chinese mobile phone manufacturers will no longer be restricted by foreign companies such as Samsung.

BOE launched the sixth generation of OLED panels for the first time in May this year. It is reported that due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, the current product yield remains at about 30%.

At present, Samsung produces about 300 thousand to 1 million smart watches per month. Insiders say that for BOE, this will be a very tempting business. At the same time, it can also pave the way for Samsung's other products to supply OLED panels, especially smart phones. (Li Ming)

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