People's daily talked about Tourism Regulation: Nowadays, people are touring, watching nets and counting clouds.

People's daily talked about Tourism Regulation: Nowadays, people are touring, watching nets and counting clouds.

"Man is in the swim, the net is watching, the clouds are counting".

Zhou Renjie, people's daily

Can food safety be monitored in real time? How can traffic congestion be solved by networking? How to cure the chronic diseases such as "rip off" and "killing"? In the era of Internet, the supervision of tourism industry is facing challenges and opportunities.

According to reports, 4 days before the National Day holiday, the country received 502 million domestic tourists. On the eve of the festival, a number of organizations issued National Day tourism data reports, from the perspective of transportation, tourism, shopping, etc., to make a comprehensive forecast and analysis of the trend of travel. It can be said that we have begun to move towards the era of national tourism, global tourism, wisdom tourism, and figuratively speaking, today's tourism is "people are traveling, the Internet is watching, the cloud is calculating". When the statistical investigation system is established and perfected, market dynamics and industry scale data are becoming more and more perfect, information dissemination and sharing, mining and application are increasingly speeding up, in the supervision of the tourism industry, large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence can be said to be useful. This requires us to comply with the general situation, promote the transformation and upgrading of supervision and service, and effectively do in-depth analysis of data, and then provide decision-making support to achieve emergency relief, real-time rectification and other goals.

In order to enhance the ability of governance, we need to firmly grasp the nose of the cow and push forward the data revolution of "knife-edge inward", including the guarantee of the authenticity of massive data, the exploration of regularity, and the release of new economic value and social effects through information disclosure. In order to provide differentiated and individualized public services and realize scientific and accurate social management and efficient market supervision under the rule of law, it is necessary to make efforts to break the "information isolated island" between departments and to unify the "information boundary" between government and business.

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