Xinhua News Agency: farmers become "network red" revitalization of Rural Revitalization

Xinhua News Agency: farmers become

Xinhua news agency, Nanning, October 5 issue: farmers become "net red" revitalization of Rural Revitalization

Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Yiming, Lu Huadong, Li Xiongying

Do farm work, pick fruit, catch fish and shrimp... When these once ordinary rural farming through the farmers'mobile phone lens live broadcast, and attracted a large number of urban people to pursue, a series of wonderful "chemical reactions" so that farmers become "net red", the resulting economic value, agricultural technology value and cultural value is becoming a new driving force for rural revitalization.

Net red farmers

This year, 31 year old Gan you Qin is an ordinary farmer in Lingshan County of Guangxi. A year ago, Gan Youqin's life was changed by several small videos of farm work, and suddenly became a "net red" pursued by many netizens.

"Family members want me to try to live webcast on the spur of the moment. I think I'm not a big babe. I don't speak well. Will anyone see it? " Gan Youqin took a try and gave herself the online name of "9 Mei Qiaofu" and often broadcast live during farm work and local specialties.

Soon, more and more netizens paid close attention to her. Many netizens expressed their desire to taste local fruits and vegetables and specialty food during the live broadcast of Gan Youqin. So Gan Youqin tried to open an online shop again. In April of this year, Gan Youqin introduced a kind of citrus growing locally in the live broadcast, and sold more than 60,000 Jin in just 24 hours.

Since May 2017, Gan Youqin has had millions of fans on dozens of platforms. At the same time, Gan Youqin's sales of agricultural products sold and sold through the electronic commerce platform have exceeded 10 million yuan.

Huaihua farmers in Hunan Province, who have similar experiences with Gan Youqin, named "Rural Girls", use the live Internet broadcasting platform to pass on the customs and feelings of the Dong nationality to the vast number of netizens. Depending on the unique charm of Dong culture, the live broadcast platform of "Country Girl" has been called "spiritual farmhouse fun" by many netizens. Many netizens said that they have deeply fallen in love with these unique ethnic minority cultures, and these ethnic minority cultures also aroused their inner nostalgia.

Rural "deep net" makes mobile phones "new farm implements".

With the rapid development of rural economy and the expansion of network coverage in rural areas, the scale of netizens in rural areas is increasing, and mobile phones have gradually become a "new tool" for many farmers to develop and produce. At the same time, it also opens a door for farmers to tell good rural stories and spread the most authentic rural voice.

In March 2017, a "Teacher Fu Planting Technology Team" was established in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, consisting of Fu Yong, Chai Xian'n and Zhang Xuanwei, three agricultural technology experts and seven young people familiar with new media technology. They use the Internet live broadcasting platform to produce video, graphics and text, the agricultural production technology through the Internet to the vast number of farmers.

At the beginning of the team, Fu Yonghe and his teammates doubted the universality of farmers'access to the Internet, and doubted the farmers' online learning of agricultural techniques. "We started off off off off and on, publishing an article every few days, and we didn't have time to write, but then, as the number of clicks increased, many readers consulted directly on the Internet about various planting techniques, and our entire team began to change their minds." Fu Yong said.

Today, Teacher Fu's Growing Technology Team receives private questions from many farmers on the Internet platform every day. "What if my vegetable roots are rotten?" "How to make curved cucumbers straighten?"

With the help of the Internet platform, the service of "Fu Teacher's Planting Technology Team" has broken the geographical restrictions, and many Chinese farmers engaged in agricultural production abroad have also been helped by Fu Teacher's Team. And they also have hundreds of thousands of fans on the Internet platform, of which farmers account for a large proportion.

Agricultural information helps Rural Revitalization

Behind the continuous emergence of "net red" among peasants and the prominence of economic, technological and cultural values, it is a process in which various kinds of beneficial agricultural information enter millions of households by means of "network".

As a national demonstration province, Jiangsu Province has built and operated more than 13,000 agricultural information cooperatives, covering 89.9% of the agricultural administrative villages. At the same time, Jiangsu Province is also promoting the construction of a large agricultural data platform, through the collection, analysis, distribution of relevant agricultural information, timely adjustment of planting structure and scale, can effectively alleviate the problem of excess and unsalable agricultural products.

Xu Mao, director of Jiangsu Internet agriculture development center, told reporters that with the development of "Internet + agriculture", more and more agricultural information can enter villages and households, so that farmers can get them in time. This has great help for promoting intelligent agricultural production, narrowing the distance between farmers and markets, agricultural supply side reform, and developing rural electricity providers. Help.

In addition, some domestic Internet enterprises have begun to pay attention to "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and focus on the layout of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" information platform construction, in order to promote rural "cyber red" economic development. For example, today's headline, on the basis of the successful launch of a number of influential farmers'net bonuses in the past, in July this year also launched a special "three rural partners" program, announced that in the next 12 months 500 million yuan will be used to subsidize "three rural creators", thereby stimulating farmers' net bonuses in agricultural production to play a leading role. .

"In the future, local governments can try to cooperate with some large-scale Internet companies, complement each other's strengths, and make use of their technological and platform advantages to jointly promote the popularization of information in agriculture, rural areas and farmers." Xu Mao said.

Dang Guoying, a researcher at the Rural Development Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the development of modern agriculture can not be carried out by a single household, not only by leading enterprises, but also by cultivating a number of new agricultural subjects who understand Internet technology and have a certain level of culture.

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