Zhang Lei, who is jokingly called "stupid money", how to fight the "single card" into "Wang Bang".

Zhang Lei, who is jokingly called

Microsoft Yahei; "& gt; from being rejected to Yale's first Chinese school board, from being called a"mob"to turning the tables, from being said to be"foolish and rich"to more and more money, this is the CCTV financial channel"meets the big coffee"guest: Gao Ning Capital's founder and CEO - Zhang Lei. Whether it's investing in the fame of East Beijing World War I or pushing for the cooperation between Tencent and East Beijing, Zhang Leidu's landmark impact on China's Internet e-commerce landscape. He has been helping entrepreneurs grow behind their entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

1, "people are foolish and rich?"

Zhang Lei was once a model of what investment circles jokingly call "foolish people with lots of money" because he invested in Jingdong in 2010, when the heavy assets model of Jingdong was generally not recognized.

At that time, Zhang Lei was sober, he knew that investors generally did not like the asset-heavy model, but many sober people looked "the most absurd". He invested decisively, and when Jingdong only raised 75 million dollars, Zhang Lei unexpectedly gave 300 million dollars, but also proudly said: "Either you accept my entire money, or I will not invest."

In the investment world, "take flowers" is probably the most romantic love story for investors. But the reason behind this is not the superficial "capricious", Zhang Lei in fact has been in mind for the Jingdong account.

Today, with the rise of Jingdong and its listing on the market, 300 million dollars has become billions of dollars, and the ridicule of "foolish people with lots of money" and "capricious money" has automatically withdrawn.

Why can Zhang Lei definitely pay $three hundred million for a project? Zhang Lei said that people's energy is limited, he does not like the "fairy style" to invest in a large number of enterprises, more inclined to precision strike.

2 frustrated from job hunting to Yale's first Chinese executive.

Zhang Lei didn't go all the way. He said he had no great ideals when he went to college. After graduation, he honestly found a job in Beijing and went to work in Minmetals. Later, because of working reasons, he came into contact with American customers before he went to the United States to continue his studies.

Zhang Lei went to Yale to study, but his previous work experience was mismatched because he had made a career in finance. Zhang Lei's job-hunting experience on Wall Street has taught him that there are no obstacles in the world that can't be overcome, only those that can't be overcome. When the students found the internship, only he had not found it yet. He said he was very unhappy at that time.

Zhang Lei said he was on the train to New York for an interview at that time. Every time I look forward to it, I feel depressed.

Finally, Zhang Lei's mentor at Yale, chief investment officer of Yale University, David Swenson, gave him an internship. Zhang Lei did not fail his mentor, 18 years later returned to his alma mater, he has an extra hand to open all the doors of Yale universal card.

At this point, Zhang Lei has become the school director of Yale University. This identity is, to some extent, an honor that no Chinese or Asians have ever received before.

Zhang Lei's mentor, David Swensen, said of Zhang Lei: "Everybody would say that one in a hundred is not Zhang Lei, Zhang Lei is one in a million."

The 3 partner is a classmate. His wife's initial team is like a mob.

In 2005, Zhang Lei gave up his paid job in America and returned to business. Forming a team is the first hurdle. At that time, people in the industry questioned him and thought, "are you ok?" His first partner was his classmate's wife. Because the students want to help him, and I also feel that Zhang Lei's fund is not reliable, can not resign from hard-hearted, let the wife to help.

Zhang Lei eventually had five partners, but the problem came again. Apart from Zhang Lei's background and financial connections, several other people were not born into the family. At that time, someone commented on Zhang Lei's initial team: "People are looking at very good people, but a little rabble feeling."

In the interview, Zhang Lei laughed.  

Many years later, the five partners of the so-called "mob" team are still walking with Zhang Lei.

4 "heavily loaded China", no one believed to the size of the $60 billion fund.

In the 13 years since the founding of Gao Ning Capital, the market has been changing rapidly, and the only constant is that Zhang Lei has always adhered to the "heavy warehouse China" concept. When he started raising money overseas in 2005, he issued the slogan: China is rising, high-speed trains are leaving the station, please get on the train immediately.  

However, the effect is not satisfactory. According to Zhang Lei himself, the situation at that time was "a group of people who had not invested in selling a country that everyone had not invested in," and it was very difficult to open up the situation.

Today, Zhang Lei's high leverage capital has a scale of US $60 billion. He was rushing to New York's Carnegie Hall, where he would hold the Global Institutional Investors'Conference of Gao Ning Capital. He will continue to use first-hand information to talk to foreign investors about his value investment concept of "heavy storage China".

In 13 years, Zhang Lei started investing from scratch. He said he had no resources and no news. From the beginning of the establishment of high allocations capital, every step of his decision-making is not without doubt. However, he maintained his own rhythm in the voice of doubt, step by step led Gao Ning capital upside down, a "single card" into a "king's explosion".

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