Ban Jia *, Audemars Pigeut Ying, piglets and so on strictly prohibit "brush list" and other abuse of evaluation mechanism behavior.

Ban Jia *, Audemars Pigeut Ying, piglets and so on strictly prohibit

The industry believes that the excessive reliance on home and electronic commerce platform traffic to a certain extent caused a "brush" phenomenon.

Original Title: Short-term rental platforms such as Tujia, Aipeiying and Piglet are strictly prohibited from abusing evaluation mechanism such as "paying bills"

Xinjing News (Reporter Quting Yiwang Sheng Wang Zhenzhen) in response to media coverage of "residential accommodation, net red Inn pay people to brush praise" today, Tujia Network, Aipeiying, pig short-rent and other domestic well-known short-rent platforms in an interview with Xinjing News reporters, said that the strict prohibition of "brushing" and other abuse of platform evaluation machines. The behavior of the system, once found in the platform of merchants, landlords, there are violations, will be taken to reduce the ranking of housing, fines or even permanent offline, closed accounts and other measures.

Lightly delete comments, but repeat offline permanently.

The person in charge of Tujia. com said that Tujia. com has a management and handling system for the "bill-swiping" behavior in the "Rules for Landlord Trading on Tujia. com". If a merchant has the act of paying a bill, he should refund all the subsidies (including the form of rebate/deduction, integral gift card and other subsidies) obtained for the violation of the bill. The online merchant has the right to impose a penalty of disqualification of the preferred merchant, permanent offline housing and double the penalty of the illegal income according to the violation system. Among them, if there are any cases such as taking part in the gangs, the new merchants (referring to the merchants in the way of home online 30 natural days or other arbitrage), and the technical means, the merchants are deemed to be serious violations, they will be directly punished for permanent offline, and will be fined twice as much as the illegal income.

If the merchant produces comments through the "bill-swiping" behavior, false consumption, false evaluation, Tujia will cancel the display of illegal comments, and recover the relevant awards. If the user "swipes" to help businesses achieve platform incentives cash, sales, ranking, praise and other businesses to obtain economic benefits, the user account is permanently banned. Users' invalid comments and false comments will be deleted and commented on the award.

The head of Airbnb said Aibing strongly forbade the abuse of evaluation mechanism or the use of evaluation mechanism for extortion. For example, tenants use evaluation or rating as a threat to try to force the landlord to provide a refund, additional compensation or positive evaluation. The landlord asks the tenant to give a positive appraisal or score, or to change the appraisal for a refund or positive appraisal; the landlord allows the tenant to modify the existing appraisal by offering free accommodation or discount. The landlord, on condition that the problem between the two parties is solved, requests the tenant to modify or reply to an evaluation.

"If a user is identified as violating our policy, we will punish the user involved, including closing accounts." Ai said that Ai Bing Ying platform must be completed after the arrival of the two sides can be mutual evaluation, the mechanism itself requires that the booking needs to be completed. Technically, hundreds of indicators are assessed in real time by means of predictive analysis and machine learning. Risk scores are scored before each booking is confirmed, and suspicious activities are marked and checked accordingly.

For how to discriminate between brushing behavior and false comments, the short-term rent interpretation of pigs can be judged according to ID usage and comments. At the same time, piglets in the "landlord rules" stipulated, "landlords shall not coerce, induce others to make untrue comments, may not take improper ways to create or improve their own credibility. If these rules are not approved or violated during the operation, the piglet has the right to take warning to the landlord, housing offline and other treatment.

Some home office marketing strategies rely too much on e-commerce platforms.

It is understood that the current short-term rental of residential accommodation on the major platforms of the web page ranking is mainly affected by traffic, these traffic sources and accommodation bookings, comments, clicks and other closely related. Some new residential accommodation in the early online booking volume is small, ranking backward, many landlords will buy online travel platform home page recommendation or do some paid promotions from the media marketing number. In addition, the platform itself, in order to encourage new entrants, will also have some measures to ensure that new housing sources in the search results get a better ranking.

Chen Changchun, founder of the residential brand "hermit village", believes that in the real network of well-known residential quarters, "as far as I know, the phenomenon of billing is not as rampant as the Internet text said." A distorted and dark marketing method, which is based on the reputation of overdrawn brands, is often caused by a small number of overreliance on OTA (online travel platform) or other single channel marketing strategies. It is based on the reputation of overdrawn brands to quench thirst. This will be a great crisis hidden in brand building. A healthy operation of residential accommodation, its customer sources and external channels and the proportion of internal direct sales should be maintained in the 28 principle, that is, the OTA passenger source maintained at about 20% is the best, otherwise a region in the fierce competition will emerge through the brush list to seize the flow advantage phenomenon.

Chen Changchun said that this kind of fraud is a kind of harm to the entire industry, and is not conducive to the people's hosts in the service details and word-of-mouth should be optimized to work hard, and eventually lead to a vicious circle of operations will not return. "My first suggestion is that the nature of residential accommodation is a personalized temperature-based service industry. Operators should focus on direct selling that highlights the power of personalized services to create word-of-mouth, and strive to form their own small communities to gradually spread, rather than relying too much on OTA from the start. The second is location, do not choose those areas that are too hot, hot areas although the total flow advantage is strong, but the competition is fierce, when other people take a shortcut operation, they will inevitably be coerced. If the corner, with their own personalized services and unique landscape to meet the needs of their own fixed crowd, but the small number of residential quarters into the disadvantage of the advantage.

Cao Yiyong, founder of the brand of "Yuanxiangli" residential quarters, thinks that, generally speaking, the list of residential quarters in the north is not so serious, because the supply of residential quarters in the north market is still less than the demand, and many of them rely on returnees and word of mouth. "But we sometimes discuss, how can there be so many orders and comments for a residential quarters in a certain family? The phenomenon still exists. With the growth of the number of residential accommodation, new home stay is really difficult to stand out. However, residential accommodation itself is not a business to make quick money, the need for long-term operation, through quality and accommodation experience to attract guests, short-term online red shop is difficult to sustain.

Find good home stay in details

Chen Changchun suggested that visitors should browse the official website or the official dormitory before booking their accommodation. Good accommodation usually publishes the details of various interesting activities and local cultural customs organized by them regularly. The hosts will manage the official website well, and the attentive accommodation can be seen at a glance. Do not rely on some so-called ranking.

In addition, the Beijing News reporter in the interview found that some short-rent landlords have their own views on the "bill". Mrs. Wei, the landlord, said that although the bill was a fraud and unfair competition, it was not an end but a means for those who actually operated hotels and lodgings.

A residential operator who has worked for three years and does not want to be named believes that for the self-employed, buying the key recommendation of Ctrip and other platforms or advertising on the marketing number, the popularity has indeed improved, but the price is very high. Brushing comments is also a marketing method, although irregular, now Taobao shop and many public names are also "brushing the bill", which shows that this undesirable phenomenon does not exist only in the field of accommodation.

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