Investor: not only the problem of Founder worship in Tesla Silicon Valley is serious.

Investor: not only the problem of Founder worship in Tesla Silicon Valley is serious.

In an interview with CNBC today, technology investor Roger McName said some of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's controversial actions were not just a problem for Tesla, but also a problem facing the entire Silicon Valley.

"The worship of founders has become a problem," said Michael M. Undoubtedly, great founders create great companies; but once the company matures and goes public, it has other responsibilities. At this point, a team is needed to perform these duties. "

Recently, musk and Tesla became the focus of discussion because of the "privatization" issue. In August 8th, Mask declared that he was considering privatizing the company at a price of $420 a share. The aim is to create an environment in which Tesla can operate in the best possible way.

At the end of August, musk renounced the privatization plan. On September 28, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed an indictment with the Federal District Court in the Southern District of New York, accusing Musk of fraud. But on the second day, the two sides reached a settlement.

After the reconciliation, Musk tweeted to the SEC that they helped short Tesla. The Twitter news also led to a fall in Tesla's share price, which has lost nearly $1 billion in its market value.

In addition to Musk, the founders of technology companies that have been embroiled in all sorts of whirlpools this year include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In March this year, Facebook exposed a large number of users' data illegally shared. Facebook admitted at the time that Cambridge Analytics, a British data analyst, had obtained information from 87 million Facebook users before the 2016 U.S. presidential election and successfully helped Trump win the U.S. presidential election.

At the end of September, Facebook found another security vulnerability, a flaw in Facebook's "View As" (Visitor View), which allows hackers to gain access to control user accounts. Facebook says the number of accounts affected by this vulnerability is as high as 50 million.

As early investors in Google and Facebook, McName has witnessed firsthand the responsibility and importance of a company's board of directors, and how the board of directors should exercise its power.

But McNair points out: "More and more Silicon Valley companies are using'dual equity'institutions to ensure the founder's control over the company, and it's hard for others to do much about it." These founders of control often do not accept criticism from others. Mike nano said: "for some constructive criticism, they often can not listen." (Li Ming)

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