AMD 7 nano CPU/GPU will release Intel 10 nm next year or downgrade in January.

AMD 7 nano CPU/GPU will release Intel 10 nm next year or downgrade in January.

Original title: AMD's first 7 nanometer CPU/GPU will arrive. Intel 10nm is afraid of being downgraded.

Source: AI Ji Wei

AMD announced Wednesday that its CEO, Lisa Su, will deliver a keynote address at the 2009 CES, along with the world's first high-order 7-nanometer central processing unit (CPU) and the first 7-nanometer graphics card processor (GPU).

From the recently released product development path map, we can see that we have great expectations for the 7 nanometer product line. Ultramicron said in a statement that it is optimistic that 7-nanometer CPUs and GPUs will push computing, gaming and visual technology to the next level, and may even redefine modern life.

The computing power of the first ultra-micro EPYC processor has proven to be enough to replace the Intel Xeon server processors, and the second generation EPYC processors will be built in TSMC's 7 nm process, which will do more harm to Intel.

Intel is also struggling to overcome the 10-nanometer manufacturing bottleneck. BlueFin Research Partners, a research institute, recently released a report saying that Intel has made significant progress and that 10-nanometer production is expected to advance to the first half of next year.

But Semi Accurate, a semiconductor intelligence site, says Intel has significantly relaxed its design rules for a successful 10-nanometer production, saying the 10-nanometer downgraded version is as effective as 12-nanometer.

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