The governor of Grenada visited my peace ark medical unit for routine medical examination.

The governor of Grenada visited my peace ark medical unit for routine medical examination.

BEIJING, Oct. 7, St. George (Jiangshan Squiggy) cumulative diagnosis and treatment of 6406 people, 2221 assistant examinations, hospitalized 15 people, 13 operations... This is the transcript of the five day arrival of the Chinese Navy's Ark Ark hospital in Grenada.

On the morning of the 6th local time, Grenada Governor Sasser Lagrenade, accompanied by Chinese Ambassador to Georgia Zhao Yongchen and the "Harmonious Mission - 2018" task commander, paid a special visit to the General Hospital of Georgia to console the Peaceful Ark doctor who was carrying out medical services here.

Ragrenad shook hands with Doctors of the Peace Ark and carefully inspected the joint diagnosis and treatment between the Chinese and Greek doctors. 'We thank you very much for coming here and offering the people of Grenada free of charge with superb medicine,'she said. She praised the Ark of Peace for its health and friendship, its tremendous help to the sick people in Grenada, and its real health and hope.

Lage Leonard met the commander of the "harmonious mission -2018" task at the governor's office on the 4 day. She spoke highly of the re-visit of the Peace Ark and considered it a model of friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, with great significance and far-reaching influence. La Grenade also boarded the Peace Ark hospital ship on the 3rd, visited the medical staff and medical people, and received a routine physical examination on the Peace Ark.

In addition, Prime Minister Keith Mitchell said during a visit to the Commander of the "Harmonious Mission - 2018" on the 5th that, as Prime Minister of the country, he, on behalf of the government and the people, expressed deep gratitude for what the Ark of Peace has done in the past and what it is doing now. The commander of the "Harmonious Mission - 2018" mission also visited David, Minister of Health Steele and Police Chief Martin respectively, and the two sides had friendly exchanges. (finish)

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