The new iPhone problem is clustered into the design defect of ten thousand yuan to buy a warm hand treasure.

The new iPhone problem is clustered into the design defect of ten thousand yuan to buy a warm hand treasure.

Our newspaper reporter Jali

After announcing that the iPhone X, which will be on the market for only a year, is off the shelf from the official website, Apple's new phone is not doing very well either.

During the national day, the mobile phone market was in the selling season, but the new iPhone was cold. It is reported that since the National Day holiday, the price of the new iPhone has continued to decline, especially the gold model, the overall decline range from hundreds to thousands of yuan.

Journalists from the Securities Daily visited stores in Gome and Suning in Jiangsu, Shanxi and Beijing and found that unlike the explosion of a large number of inquiries at mainstream domestic mobile phone counters, Apple's mobile phone counters were slightly cold, and some were even unheard of.

"Apple's new mobile phones are not selling well this year, and sales in the same period are down 20% compared with previous years," a sales director of Gome Electric near Pingyang Road in Shanxi Province told reporters. The price of the new mobile phone is more expensive, and the external reaction is generally bad. Consumers are more willing to choose the domestic mobile phone with higher price when purchasing the mobile phone.

Apple's new problems are growing.

He was ridiculed ten thousand yuan to buy a "warm hand treasure".

"Securities Daily" reporter learned that the general response of consumers to Apple's new mobile phone is mediocre appearance, lack of innovation, not enough upgrades. At the same time, Apple's new mobile phone prices generally increased, including dual-card dual-standby mobile phone in Gome, Suning and other stores, the starting price as high as 9200 yuan, so that many consumers can not help shouting.

As Apple's most expensive family of products, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max have been controversial since their launch.

The price of the iPhone XS broke after it was released, with channel prices falling by hundreds of dollars compared with the official website. When Apple's new mobile phone was launched, it was also widely criticized by users, which directly led to a reduction in the interest of new consumers. In recent days, the iPhone XS has been experiencing "beauty doors" and "charging doors" and has been exposed by some domestic users of 4G network signal worries and other issues.

WiWavelength, a wireless technology Web site, tested the two phones in the lab and found that instead of improving the signal performance of the iPhone XS and XS Max, it was worse than the previous iPhone X, and worse than the well-signaled iPhone 8 Plus.  

At the same time, on the e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong and Gome, consumers'comments on the mobile phone also focused on the problems of poor signal, black screen, paint-off border, harsh current sound, multiple automatic restart, slow running speed, heating and so on. Some consumers even ridicule: "spent ten thousand yuan, bought a warm hand treasure."

"Apple is defective in the design of the new machine. Apple's mobile phone upgraded dual-card dual-standby, but the performance of the baseband is poor, which makes consumers generally feel chilled in the reception of signals. The industry believes that.

Zhang Jinyang, an analyst with the mobile phone industry at Oviyun. com, said: "The latest data show that sales of the new iPhone XS series are indeed not as expected in the Chinese market, mainly because Apple's new phones have no innovative changes compared with the iPhone X series, only making conventional hardware upgrades. At the same time, the release of Apple's iPhone XR handset is more affordable, while the iPhone XS series is expensive, reducing the enthusiasm of users to change the phone.

Occupy more than 60% of profits

Can the high price strategy continue to win the market?

While Apple may reduce orders for the iPhone XS due to cold sales, this does not prevent it from becoming the world's most profitable smartphone brand.

In the second quarter of this year, Apple accounted for 62% of the global smartphone market's profits, with the iPhone contributing the most, followed by Samsung, which accounted for 17% of the market's profits, down from last year; Huawei, OPPO, and so on. Vivo, millet, the four largest domestic mobile phone manufacturers accounted for 20% of the total market profits.  

Apple's relatively high profit has boosted its growth. In Apple's latest third-quarter earnings report, revenue was $53.3 billion, up 17% from the same period last year; net profit was $11.52 billion, up 32% from the previous year. Apple expects revenue in the fourth quarter of this year to be around $62 billion.

In contrast to Apple's high profit margins, the number of phones sold is almost half that of Samsung. Apple sold 41.3 million phones in the second quarter of this year, with a market share of 12.1%, Samsung still topped the list with 71.5 million units shipped, and Huawei surpassed Apple by 54.2 million units, ranking second in the world.  

On the profit side, Huawei's half-yearly earnings report shows that its consumer business has a profit margin of 14%, which is only one-fifth that of Apple. According to millet's first financial report on the market, millet's profit margin is only 2% of Apple's, even more incomparable with Apple. At present, the world's top six mobile phone manufacturers account for about 99% of the market's profits, leaving little room for the rest of the world's more than 600 mobile phone companies, which can only struggle with the remaining 1% of the profits.

Despite the fierce competition in the mobile phone industry, Apple, which is positioning itself as a high-end company, is bold to raise prices again. The price of Apple's three mobile phones has increased to varying degrees. In this regard, insiders revealed that the cost price of the iPhone XS series is about 30% of the retail price. However, the manufacturing cost of new product is 10% lower than that of the previous generation due to little change. Foxconn, which has half the order of Apple mobile phones, has a net profit margin of only 1.62%. It can be said that in the past few years, Apple has taken most of the profits in the high-end smartphone market.

Industry insiders believe that Apple is still increasing revenue and profits by raising the price of its handsets as the smartphone market saturates and stagnates, but whether this strategy will continue to work depends on whether the market will accept it.

Supply chain insiders say Apple's high pricing of new products will adversely affect its sales and market share, and its influence in the global smartphone market will decline despite growing revenue and profits. "Apple has increased the price of mobile phones, so that consumers do not feel its innovation and change, but has reduced costs, which is the consumption of their own brand built up over the years.

Zhang Jinyang said: "At present, the iPhone sales worldwide have entered a bottleneck period, Apple's development has entered a turning point, the turning point is from the pursuit of sales and market share to the pursuit of sales and profits. Apple's product sales strategy will also ensure a higher profit by increasing the average selling price. However, due to the bottleneck of sales and the monopoly of technology, Apple's right to speak to the industry will be reduced to a certain extent in the next few years, and it may conflict with all parties in the industry, thus facing more litigation and policy pressure.

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