Taiwan media: another senior official of "friendly states" directly hints that "breaking diplomatic relations with Taiwan" within two years.

Taiwan media: another senior official of

[Global Times comprehensive report] in the two years, the South Pacific Island Palau broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan. In recent days, the news continued to ferment on the island, causing a shock.

Anastasio, Speaker of the Palau House of Representatives, signed the communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations on behalf of Palau and Cheng Jianren, then Taiwan's "foreign minister" in 1999, and visited Taiwan many times. However, according to Taiwan's "United News Network" reported on the 6th, he said that the "communique" is now unsustainable, he supported more mainland tourists to Palau, and opened more flights to the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao. Asked if it was possible to establish diplomatic relations with mainland China, Anastasio bluntly said that changes might take place in less than two years. According to the United News Network, land-owned property developers have been gradually acquiring Palau property and local islands as early as 2010, conservatively estimating 8,000 acres as the only real estate developer in Palau.

In response to Speaker Palau's remarks, Taiwan's "Foreign Ministry" spokesman Li Xianzhang said on the 6th that Taiwan-Palau relations are close and friendly, and the implementation of the various plans to promote. He also said that the land did rent a lot of land in Palau in the past, but the vast majority of idle undeveloped, "Chinese-funded development model can be sustainable, no doubt asked."

Taiwan's pro-green "Free Electronics" newspaper said Wednesday that the mainland is one of Palau's important economic sources, while the mainland banned travel agencies from handling Palau tours last November, resulting in a 16% drop in the last quarter of 2017. According to the Zhongshi Electronic Daily, Palau's official statistics show that there will be 55,000 inland visitors to Palau in 2017, and only 9,000 in Taiwan. According to the China Times, President Palau said he would not change relations with Taiwan after the mainland banned tourism. Then Palau Pacific Airlines announced a grounding of Hong Kong flights. Cai Yingwen particularly thanked Palau for "resisting mainland pressure". However, Taiwan media subsequently burst out, Palau Pacific Airlines is unable to sustain losses, can not sustain until the decision to suspend flights.

"Zhongtian" television reported that the Taiwan authorities opened additional flights to Palau in August, but "are not satisfied with now. Although Palau's President Raymond Gershaw will be in office for eight years by 2021, Senator Hui Shuren is currently regarded as the next president's favorite candidate, according to Zhongshi Electronic Daily. From his view that dialogue should be restarted with Beijing, "Palau's friendship with Taiwan is not monolithic either." (Zhang Wenwen)

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