After two months of darkness, long rental apartments are blocked and long.

After two months of darkness, long rental apartments are blocked and long.

Original title: long rental apartment blocks long and long

Author: Chen Shuzhen

In the past two months, the long-Rent apartment industry has suffered a tumultuous downturn. After September, it has finally subsided, as the summer heat recedes.

Housing rental is a seasonal form of business, after the Spring Festival and the graduation season difficult to find a room, rising rent, and then returned to daily life.

According to a report issued by China Real Estate Assessment Center, China's urban rental price index was 1045.2 in September, down 0.7 points from a year earlier and 0.07% from a year earlier. Six of the 35 cities it monitored (Chongqing, Chengdu, Xining, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou) still rent. The price index has risen, but it has decreased by 7 cities since last month.

The turmoil began in July and August this year when rents rose. Now rents across the country have fallen back. The turmoil caused by rental loans and formaldehyde has been resolved. Regulatory measures have also been proposed.

At present, Shenzhen and many other cities intend to regulate the order of rental financial market, strengthen financial risk supervision and management, set conditions for the development of "rental loan" business, but also make it clear that the agent rental enterprises should prompt risk, strengthen wind control. A number of banks also set up related rental loan products, and stopped cooperation with intermediaries.

Since the end of September on the line of the "industry's first batch of air test qualified housing sources", the first rental housing sources with the authority provided by the test qualified report, also must be vacant as promised for 30 days.

In the process of problem exposure, apartment operators can not avoid experiencing pain, but the industry will be healthier after treatment.

But the excessive demonized view is hard to avoid industry confidence. Discussions about long-Rent apartments are continuing: can the business of long-Rent apartments be done, and what if?

Around 2011, in the real estate sector, a segment of the long-Rent apartment industry emerged in the country, when the business was mostly run by individual entrepreneurs. Because there is no clear profit model, there are few enterprises and institutions willing to enter long rental apartments.

After all, the rental business in China is not cost-effective.

First of all, China's rental sales are low. Whether it is a first-tier or a second-tier city like North Shangshen, the rent-to-sales ratio is difficult to exceed 2%, mostly in the 1.6% - 1.8% range. On this basis, it is easy to find that "rent non-payment" will occur by subtracting the bank loan interest rate from the rate of return on rent.

Traditionally, purchasers purchased houses for rent, which is logically difficult to make sense. What really makes money is the self-sustained appreciation of assets.

Until mid-2017, the central and local governments issued a series of policies to encourage the development of the housing rental market, giving dividends from land, financing and other aspects, which is expected to subvert the traditional rental ecology, capital will no longer hesitate.

The growth of new things is often twists and turns. In the past two months, it is no doubt that a long rental apartment can find a better way to settle down. We will soon know whether capital, encouraged by policy dividends, will be hesitant to enter because of increased regulation.

Recently, at a summit forum on changing trends in real estate, World Bank Chairman Chen Jinsong said that rental housing is still the trend. "China's real estate is now facing a phase of shock, but we can no longer think that the phase of shock back to the past, in fact, can not go back, the future of real estate products will increasingly be related to the'use', so we do not pay much attention to the'use'. But the second half of China's real estate is coming, and users will pay more attention to the value of products.

This view is precisely echoed with "housing and not speculation".

Chen Jinsong's view is that the domestic "rent and purchase of the same rights" is still a test, the power of tenants and owners are also different, still facing fire, planning and other basic obstacles, but they will gradually converge. "The launch of REITs is also faced with tax restrictions. I think it will be lifted."

At present, there are news about the withdrawal of capital or institution from the industry. On the contrary, new players join the industry which is already competitive.

In September 29th, Jingdong announced the "direct leasing" business of the real estate channel. Jingdong said it would expand its cooperation with brand apartments, including BIG + Bijia International Community, Vankopo Apartment, Longhu Guan Apartment, Ocean Bangshi, Magic Cube Group and other brand apartments. At present, Panda Apartment, Youkeyijia Apartment, Jimei Apartment three high-quality brand apartments have joined Jingdong direct rental, and in Beijing on-line nearly 2000 housing resources, and rental business will cover all the second-tier cities.

The story of capital in the industry is much more heard. However, according to the official information, the direct rental business in Jingdong provides consumers with services ranging from decoration and configuration to pre-rental, post-rental management and comfortable rent refund, which is not novel and interesting, just like the one-year-old Jingdong real estate on the line.

Or for business operators, it is always a tough choice to stick to what and what to change. Black August and black September have passed. Long rental apartments are still blocked and long.

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