The driver of the net contracted for 1300 yuan for the first time because he was lying in bed and missed the passenger train.

The driver of the net contracted for 1300 yuan for the first time because he was lying in bed and missed the passenger train.

Original title: net car driver for the first time to pay 1300 yuan for sleeping alone, mistaken passenger train

Tan Yao, Chongqing morning news reporter

Originally supposed to be on the train home, but now can only stay one more day, Shanxi tourist Ms. Wang (not her real name) family some depression. As to why we can't walk, it is because the net driver who they are looking for is too remote.

The train was late and the train left.

Yesterday morning, 9 o'clock, the sand area 110 Express Force police received an alarm that the delay of the network appointment caused passengers to miss the train, due to compensation disputes.

The police then came to the vicinity of Chongqing West Railway Station and learned from Ms. Wang and her colleagues that Ms. Wang, her boyfriend and her mother traveled from Shanxi to Chongqing and bought the train ticket from Chongqing West Railway Station to Shanxi at 7:48 yesterday.

The night before yesterday, Ms. Wang made an appointment with the driver at 6:25 a.m. on the Internet platform. The driver said that she was familiar with the road and promised to arrive at the hotel where Ms. Wang and her party lived at the well head the next morning. The fare was 26 yuan.

At 6:25 yesterday morning, Ms. Wang picked up her luggage and waited downstairs. Ms. Wang contacted the driver on the phone. The driver arrived quickly. Let's wait another two minutes. Then, after several phone calls, the driver said he was coming, and waited for another two minutes. In the end, the driver of the net car driver arrived at the appointed place at 6:55 and arrived 30 minutes late.

Ms. Wang and others got on the train and started off, but the first day after the festival when the road was congested, arrived at Chongqing West Railway Station at 7:55, when the train had already left, tickets were cancelled. Each ticket has a face value of 378.5 yuan, and a total of 3 tickets is 1135.5 yuan.

What's more, there are only one trains a day to Shanxi, and Mrs. Wang's family needs to stay one night, which results in the cost of accommodation and a day's leave from work.

Sleeping late is a great loss.

After the delay, Master Liu said that he was willing to bear only half of the fare, regardless of other costs, the two sides had a dispute.

Master Liu told the police that he had a lot of leisure time and wanted to work part-time. Yesterday was the first time he made an appointment on the Internet. Although the alarm was set in the morning, he was sleepy and squinted for a while. As a result, he was half an hour late. I didn't expect the traffic jam on the road, causing the passengers to miss the train. I am responsible, but I think the cost of compensation is too high.

After the patience of the police mediation, eventually the driver willing to bear the full cost of compensation for three tickets plus accommodation fees a total of more than 1300 yuan.

Running net about the first car on a single loss of more than a thousand, but also because of the platform was blocked by mistake, Master Liu said, very sorry to sleep for a while.

He was paid 5500 yuan by the dripping car owner.

In 2015, a man from Zhejiang, He Mou, made an appointment with his family on a trickle taxi for an express service. The driver was asked to take him and his family to the airport in the afternoon. The driver of the "express" took the order in about 5 minutes. When the appointed time arrived, the driver delayed all sorts of things, which led to a half hour later than the appointed time, arrived at the airport was informed that the ticketing system had been closed for five minutes, forced to re-sign resulting in economic losses of 5781 yuan. Subsequently, he took the initiative to protect his rights. His company returned the fare and paid 80 yuan. He then complained to the Hangzhou railway transport court.

On June 15, 2016, Zhejiang's first case of a drip owner's delayed trip was closed, and the court finally decided that the company and the driver to which the drip belonged should compensate the client for 4000 yuan and 1500 yuan respectively.

The 9:30 plane. The driver is still at around 8 o'clock.

On January 29 this year, Ms. Zhang, a citizen, departed from Guanyin Bridge in Jiangbei at 7:00 a.m. to Jiangbei Airport, flew to Lanzhou at 9:30 a.m. and then turned around. At 5:30 p.m., she was able to get to her hometown Zhangye station. But after Ms. Zhang got on the bus, the driver picked up two "carpool" passengers in succession, and passed the car at 8 a.m. still wandering around her door.

Finally, Ms. Zhang took a taxi and started again at 8:15, but she was caught in a traffic jam and missed the check-in time. Ms. Zhang said that when she changed to a taxi, she told the driver of the net about the car driver's cancellation. As a result, when she got on a taxi, WeChat mobile showed "complete the order" and automatically deducted the charge. Call the other side of the theory, I did not expect the net car driver refused to assume responsibility, and expressed no fear of complaints.

Ms. Zhang finally asked the other party to compensate for their own ticket fees, EMU ticket refund fees and other losses, return the netbook taxi fare. But the customer service personnel of the online contract vehicle platform said that they could compensate a certain amount of vouchers, and more appeals still need to be further verified and dealt with...

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