No limit package change name has been identified as false advertising by industry and commerce.

No limit package change name has been identified as false advertising by industry and commerce.

Xinjing News (Reporter Ma Jing) October 9, the media reported that the three major operators called off the "unlimited flow package" and changed it to "fantasy package" and other names. Reporters learned from China Telecom stakeholders that there is no unlimited package now. Beijing Telecom Customer Service said that it has been more than ten days since the unlimited package was renamed Tianyi Changfen Package.

When the reporter logged on to the official website of China Unicom, he found that the slogan of ice cream packages, which used to be dominated by "unlimited number of hits", had become "open to the flow of the whole country". In order to protect users'fair use of the network, the Internet access rate will be reduced to a maximum of 1Mbps after the total domestic data of the month reaches 20GB.

China Mobile's official website does not see the word "unlimited flow" in the area, there is a "unlimited access to the world package", as long as the Internet access time is greater than or equal to three years of five-star and above global customers can handle, the highest enjoyment of domestic voice, text messages, Internet ease. In the detailed introduction of the package, we use the word "ease of flow".

In August this year, the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce held that the "unlimited flow" advertisements issued by the three major operators had caused serious consumer misleading and belonged to false advertisements. Knowing that the three operators can not really achieve "unlimited flow" under the existing technical conditions, they repeatedly publicize "unlimited flow" in advertisements, promote "unlimited flow" package products, and in advertisements do not explicitly indicate "up-to-capacity slow down", "up-to-capacity stop traffic use function", "up-to-capacity shut down the Internet function". Equal flow is used for key information. The three operators must immediately stop issuing "unlimited traffic" advertising and make a solid rectification. Accordingly, the Hunan provincial industry and Commerce Bureau issued a "notice to stop issuing illegal advertisements" to the three major operators.

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