United Nations report: frontier technology has great potential to promote prosperity / protect the earth.

United Nations report: frontier technology has great potential to promote prosperity / protect the earth.

Original title: United Nations report: frontier technology has great potential to promote prosperity and protect the earth.

Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, Oct. 8 (Reporter Wang Jiangang) "World Economic and Social Survey 2018" report released by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 8, said that cutting-edge technology has great potential to promote economic and social prosperity and protect the planet. The report also pointed out that efforts should be made to resolve the negative effects of frontier technology on the society.

The report reviews recent advances in automation, robotics, electric vehicles, renewable energy, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, and assesses their economic, social and environmental impacts. According to the report, these new technologies "have tremendous potential for improving human life, accelerating the achievement of sustainable development goals and addressing issues such as climate change".

The report says renewable energy technologies and efficient energy storage systems have enabled countries to "go beyond" existing technological solutions in terms of improving environmental sustainability. In addition, as mobile technology advances and digital finance innovations increase, large numbers of people in developing countries have access to convenient financial services and health care, thereby improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable.

The report also warns that, although technological change may bring considerable benefits, new technologies can "widen inequalities within and between countries" and "create greater inequities, even social chaos, if not properly managed and matched policies are lacking. For example, artificial intelligence, automation and other technologies can improve economic efficiency, but also can "create winners and losers".

The report also says that frontier technological innovation is increasingly "concentrated in a few companies and countries" and that those who are technically backward "find it increasingly difficult to achieve equity and sustainable development". To this end, we should adopt a "positive and effective policy" to solve many problems caused by new technologies. It is imperative to strengthen international cooperation, promote technology transfer and national innovation, and at the same time, solve the increasingly serious problem of market concentration.

U. N. Secretary-General Guterres pointed out that if these innovative forces can be fully utilized, human health and longevity and environmental improvement will become achievable goals. Therefore, relevant policies should be formulated to ensure that these cutting-edge technologies are not only commercially viable, but also fair and ethical. The UN Deputy Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Liu Zhenmin, also warned at a press conference on the same day that new technologies could have serious negative impacts on society if they were not properly managed.

The World Economic and Social Survey is an annual report prepared and published by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. It provides an objective analysis of important long-term social and economic development issues and discusses the positive and negative effects of relevant policies. (finish)

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