Shandong will form the provincial big data Bureau directly under the provincial government.

Shandong will form the provincial big data Bureau directly under the provincial government.

Surging news reporter Zhang Jiaran


On the morning of October 9, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee convened a mobilization Conference on institutional reform at the provincial level, and made arrangements for promoting reform in an all-round way.

It was revealed that according to the requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, some institutions were set up to optimize and adjust the functions of institutions in some fields within the limits of institutions to meet the needs of Shandong's economic and social development.

Among them, in order to actively adapt to the rapid development of digital information technology, solve the problem of "isolated island" and "information chimney" of information departments, accelerate the "Internet + e-government" and build "digital Shandong", and establish the provincial data Bureau on the basis of the management responsibilities of big data and e-government in the general office of the Shandong provincial government. As an organization directly under the provincial government.

According to the timetable of institutional reform in Shandong Province, we will complete the work of staffing, listing and transferring the leaders of the newly formed departments by the end of October. Before the end of November, the Department issued the "three stipulations" according to the procedures, and completed the provincial institutional reform before the end of December. Connecting with provincial-level institutional reform, we should make overall plans to do a good job in the reform of municipal and county-level institutions, refine measures and strengthen guidance to ensure that the institutional reform will be basically completed by the end of March 2019.

News of the surging news reveals that Shandong is not the first province to set up big data Bureau.

For example, in February 2014, the Guangdong Provincial Grand Data Management Bureau was established as the internal organization of the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Committee; in February 2017, the Guizhou Provincial Public Service Management Office was renamed the Guizhou Provincial Grand Data Development Administration Bureau, and it is a directly affiliated institution of the provincial government.

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