There are many ways to drop off the customer service phone: it can't get through.

There are many ways to drop off the customer service phone: it can't get through.

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October, 9 (Xinhua): it can't get through, no one knows, flicker shopping... Customer service phone why so many "slot point"?

Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Jie Wenjin, Wei Donghua, Lai Xing

Transfer service is always "wait while your seat is busy". Voice service has a lot of options but always answers the wrong questions. A small after-sales question has been tossed for months and ignored. Product defects are reflected but fooled into shopping. Recently, some enterprises telephone customer service has been more and more intense consumers' "Tucao".

"Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter survey found that as an important part of after-sales service, some enterprises customer service telephone not only failed to achieve effective communication with consumers, but also became the trigger of contradictions.

Customer service phone "throw pot" routine.

At present, consumers complain about the number of complaints about after-sales service. According to the acceptance of complaints by the CPPCC in 2017, the number of service complaints rose to more than 50% for the first time, the number of sales service complaints ranked second, and customer service telephone complaints accounted for a high proportion.

Reporter survey found that consumers Tucao customer service "throw pot" routines include:

The telephone service of artificial customer service is hard to trace. Consumer Li Hui is a well-known Internet company a game player, in order to consult the game process of a service problem, he needs to find artificial customer service. Who knows it takes a lot of effort to find a "hidden" man-made customer service phone in the corner of a wide range of web pages, dialing more than 30 minutes to get through.

Though polite, it does not solve practical problems at all. Chengdu consumers take advantage of the "fast Dog Taxi" software to find people to move, but they are harassed by moving people. She contacted the customer service staff to seek a solution. Although the customer service repeatedly said that it would communicate with the relevant personnel as soon as possible, it has not actually pushed the matter to be resolved. Later, even after she finished speaking, she hung up the phone. When the customer was asked to call the customer service phone again after being harassed for second times, the voice prompts "the staff was off duty".

A consumer with a good credit history for sesame said he complained to Taobao Xiaomi customer service and was told repeatedly in 15 days that he would "reply in two to three days" but did not receive any effective response.

The "turn around" prevarication. Consumer Mr. Liu said that in August this year, after shopping in Suning Easy to Buy, he made a call to customer service for consultation and preferential treatment, during which he was repeatedly transferred by different customer service, and each said that he was unaware of the progress of communication before, until finally he could not resolve the dispute and could only complain.

Beijing consumer Mr. Huang told reporters that in early September, he consulted BOSE headphone brand customer service, hoping to buy a wireless headphone charger box, after getting a spot reply, through the network to pay full payment. But a week later, when Mr. Huang called the brand again, he got a reply that the charger was not in stock and when it was available.

Consumer complaints are perfunctory or even induced consumption. Mr. Hu, a consumer in Kunshan, Jiangsu, complained to an old appliance company that he had repaired the air conditioner six times and had no visitors for a week. After that, only one after-sales worker took a few pictures, saying that "inverter air conditioning is like this" and then left without any maintenance.

Ms. Zhou, a Beijing consumer, who bought a stereo that was found to be in abnormal use, called the customer service and was told that a component was damaged and that she needed to buy new components, otherwise the stereo would not be available. But Ms. Zhou consulted a friend engaged in technology found that the product did not have any damage, but there is a switch not open.

The after-sales service budget is only less than 2% of the price of the product, and customer service is not strong because of quality problems.

Wang Zhenyu, deputy secretary-general of the CPPCC, believes that after-sales service in some areas has become an obvious shortage of enterprise development.

According to the data research institute, 70% of the demand for customer service teams in the market is concentrated in the Internet and consumer goods industries. Reporters learned that these two types of enterprises in the formation of customer service team when outsourcing outsourcing. Mr. Yu, an executive of a well-known large multinational enterprise, told reporters that the cost of setting up an after-sales customer service team is high, and the enterprise often has limited investment in this part, so it usually chooses outsourcing.

"At present, the investment of manufacturers and businesses in after-sales service is obviously insufficient." Zhang Yanbin, vice chairman of the board of directors of the China Association of Household Appliances Maintenance Services, said that the average manufacturer's investment in after-sales service is economical and the budget is less than 2% of the product price. Some leading household appliances companies, with a gross profit of about 30%, are reluctant to spend money on after-sales services, resulting in a large number of consumer complaints and brand queries.

According to a reporter's survey, due to the general salary is not high, some enterprises in the recruitment of customer service requirements have to relax to the high school level or even lower. Reporters interviewed some of the customer service personnel said that on-the-job training content and consumer demands are sometimes difficult to understand, there are some difficulties in communication. Many consumers say that when they communicate with customer service by telephone, they often feel that the other party does not understand what they are saying, or no matter what kind of appeal they put forward, the answer is the same.

A well-known household appliances enterprise, a manager told reporters that some enterprises on the telephone customer service requirements are two "fast" - fast, fast hang up, to deal with the next.

More importantly, the authorization of customer service is limited. Mr. Yu admitted that he was unwilling to grant any substantive power to telephone customer service, only to act as a liaison and comfort to customers, substantive issues must be reported and resolved step by step. Many business executives said they were more concerned about the loss of corporate reputation and economy caused by abuse of customer service power than the inefficiency caused by low or even zero authorization.

Industrial development needs excellent after-sale support, vigilance "monopoly inertia" breeding and ignoring service mentality.

Many experts told reporters, from the complaint case data analysis, the current customer service problems in household appliances consumer enterprises. According to the relevant report of China Electrical Appliances Service and Maintenance Association, from 2008 to 2017, after nearly 10 years of development, the output value of household appliances industry from tens of billions of yuan to 1.5 trillion yuan. Zhang Yanbin believes that such a large scale of industry, we must have excellent after-sales service system support.

Many experts believe that the impact of after-sales service on business will be more and more direct. Ai media data show that 75% of consumers will be dissatisfied with the customer service and give up buying behavior, 43% of consumers will not recommend others to buy because of dissatisfaction with the customer service.

It is understood that some well-known multinational enterprises improve the salary and salary of employees and the threshold of academic qualifications to ensure the quality of telephone customer service. Hewlett-Packard's global call center is located in China. Mr. Nan, a returned student, told reporters that the minimum academic qualifications of customer service personnel are undergraduate, the basic income is more than 10,000 yuan, and there is more room for promotion.

In addition, some Internet business platform is also a field of after-sales service more problems. Xiong Bingwan, a researcher at the Institute of the Rule of Law in the Future of Renmin University of China, said that after-sales customer service quality is not high, we should be alert to the inertia caused by monopoly.

He said, it is worth noting that the recent customer service quality caused frequent social heated discussion of several enterprises, mostly in the field of Internet market dominance, the lack of due competitiveness may be the underlying reason for its disregard of after-sales service. "To improve the quality of service, in addition to strengthening consumer complaints, supervision, the most important thing is to effectively improve through active market competition." Xiong Bingwan said.


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