China Mobile halted unlimited packages: all packages need to be "slow down".

China Mobile halted unlimited packages: all packages need to be

Original title: China Mobile halted unlimited package publicity: all packages need to be marked "speed drop".

Surging news reporter Bao Yumeng

China Mobile stopped the word "no limit" in the product of large flow charges.

On Oct. 9, Peng Mei reporters learned from China Mobile that the company issued a notice demanding that "unlimited" dissemination be stopped in mass-flow tariff products, and that all kinds of online and offline advertisements, their own channels, and marketing activities contain "unlimited" content be offline; and that publications containing "unlimited" content have been issued. Publicity materials are replaced. All the stall packages need to be marked in the advertising picture with "flow free, speed down" prompts.

Beginning in 2017, a number of 4G network unlimited package launched in China, operators have to "unlimited" as a gimmick to attract customers. But soon consumers found that the so-called "unlimited" name is not true. Because this kind of packages in actual use, 20G 4G traffic will be used up, will be speed-limited to 2G network, some areas of the operators in excess of a certain amount of traffic will also shut down the user's Internet service that month.

Operators in advertising campaigns tend to highlight the word "unlimited" in the eye-catching position, a close look will find that there are smaller fonts written behind the "speed limit" word.

In June this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of Consumer Protection issued a paper saying that operators "unlimited package" hidden restrictive clauses, is a typical "misleading omission". In August, Hunan Industry and Commerce Bureau also pointed out that the "unlimited flow" advertising issued by the three major operators caused serious consumer misleading, which belongs to false advertising, and formally ordered the three operators to stop publishing related illegal advertising.

According to the People's Daily, on September 20, the Eighth Supervision Group of the State Council held a face-to-face exchange activity between netizens and the three major telecom operators. At the meeting, some netizens suggested that he handled an unlimited set of 78 yuan launched by mobile, and began to limit speed after using 10G, which is difficult to meet the demand of mobile Internet. The name of the package only highlights "unlimited" but does not specify speed limits, which is misleading consumers.

At the exchange meeting on the same day, Chien Qin, deputy general manager of China Mobile Group, said that China Mobile will further simplify the rules, make clear the propaganda and let consumers rest assured of consumption in the promotion of its business in view of the complex rules and multiple routines of the package. For different levels of groups, precise measures, precise cost reduction.

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