British Uber drivers fail to provide basic protection today for a 24 hour strike.

British Uber drivers fail to provide basic protection today for a 24 hour strike.

Sina Technologies News Beijing on October 9 evening news, the British trade union "British Independent Workers Union" (hereinafter referred to as "IWGB") recently called on Uber drivers to hold a 24-hour strike.

IWGB says Uber drivers are demanding an end to unfair cancellation of their driver's accounts (which IWGB considers "practically dismissal"); raising the price of driver service to 2 pounds per mile (currently 1.25 pounds per mile in London); and reducing the commission paid to Uber by 10% (the current share is 25%); Ask Uber to immediately enforce the judgment of the Employment Arbitration Tribunal and to enforce "respect for drivers'rights as employees, including minimum pay standards and paid leave".

According to IWGB, under British law, Uber drivers should be regarded as employees, not as "independent contractors" as claimed by Uber. For this reason, IWGB asked Uber drivers to go on strike today. At the same time, IWGB also wants Uber users to respect the strike and stop using Uber software.

Uber did not consider the driver who used its platform to provide taxi service to be his employee, so British Uber drivers filed a lawsuit against Uber in 2016. Later, a British employment arbitration court objected to Uber classifying its driver as an independent contract worker. In 2017, Uber appealed, but failed. Later, Uber appealed again.

In fact, another British union, GMB, also filed a lawsuit against Uber in July 2017 on behalf of the driver, accusing him of failing to provide basic employee protection, such as minimum wage or paid leave, for which Uber regarded the driver as his "partner".

The lawsuit also alleges that Uber suspended or completely terminated cooperation after drivers complained about the illegal treatment of Uber. According to the British Labor Law, Uber's behavior is illegal. (Li Ming)

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