Bullet messages are unloaded by users because of "no chat".

Bullet messages are unloaded by users because of

Author: Lv Qian

In October 9th, bullet messages were removed from AppStore, and search bars no longer showed relevant applications.

At 14:40 p.m. on the same day, the official account of Sina Weibo said that the bullet messages were temporarily removed from the App Store because the two pieces of information provided by the content partners might involve copyright issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. The situation is being verified with partners, and will be announced to you at the first time after downloading. Bullet messages will continue to be updated in the near future. Please look forward to it.

In the Android app store interface, bullet messages can still be searched and downloaded. Analyst Wan Li told First Financial Reporter that the main reason is that Android software management is not strict enough, and the App Store is generally related to copyright issues, once the complaint is taken off the shelves, and it is likely to review the time to re-launch is not short, but also to see bullet SMS official efforts. For a while, the discussion about whether the bullet message was "cool" was triggered again.

On August 21, bullet text messages were first made public by Luo Yonghao; on August 27, Luo Yonghao said on his personal micro-blog, "Just six days, 51 VC, 7 technology giants'strategic investment department." The implication is that fast technology is now popular in the investment sector; 28, he issued another, "has been as fast as technology confirmed: bullet text messages on line seven days, has completed the first round of 150 million financing. He also forwarded a microblog from a digital blogger, saying that the bullet text messages that financed the project were valued at $600 million, leading by capital and Gao Banyan capital.

September 9, Jingdong Hammer Technology live broadcast live, Lao Luo said that bullet short message A round of financing from Gaorong capital and become a fund investment, the B round of financing has been basically completed.

On Sept. 20, the bullet SMS official microblog released a "full-moon report," which showed that bullet SMS had dominated the App Store for nine consecutive days and topped the social networking list for 13 days; as of that date, the total number of bullet SMS users had exceeded 7.4 million. In the last week, Android users have spent an average of 8 minutes and 38 seconds, while iOS users have spent an average of 5 minutes and 49 seconds.

At the end of September, the number of bullet text messages downloaded dropped to the top of the AppStore list, and users said they had "forgotten the existence of bullet text messages" and "had already unloaded applications". In the first financial reporter inquiries, the highest proportion of uninstalled reason is that "there are really few friends to chat with."

In the data report, the high-speed growth of users mainly based on novelty and curiosity to register, bullet SMS itself sub-social circle of narrow boards have not been resolved. Luo Yonghao said at the conference site that bullet text messaging mainly addresses two pain points - one is to attract those who want to flee Weixin; the other is to communicate with people who need efficiency. Bullet SMS "only friends without circles," its "dialogue flow" is the core of the entire App, mainly to meet the needs of user communication. However, the social attributes of the core "pain point to fix" have not been fundamentally optimized - Bullet text messaging friends need to be re-added, and the iOS version still does not have the Android version of "nearby people" feature, limiting the updating of chatting objects.

So another problem is that bullet text messages send messages to mobile phone directory users with download information and boot download. Then, including the user's personal information can be viewed through the web browser, including the location of the user, the corresponding micro-blog account, micro-mail account, QQ information, Smartisan account, and so on, thus triggering a debate on security issues.

In fact, Luo Yonghao and his team have made a corresponding effort - on August 27, bullet text message micro-blogging said that at Tencent's request, the new version of Tencent news streams will be cancelled. Later Luo Yonghao said, "It's okay. You're focused on doing business. I'll help you with other news sources. In addition, it is recommended that bullet SMS set up its own content operation team as soon as possible to do some better exclusive content. In September 14th, bullet messages and instant applications worked together to form bullet messages. Luo Yonghao explained to strangers that it is necessary for acquaintances to socialize with strangers in the early stages, which will significantly improve their activity. When the number of users reaches a certain scale, the entrance to strangers'socialization can be placed deeper.

The final result is not directed towards team ideal development. In addition to the "no chat" issue, other users choose to uninstall the first financial reporter, there are UI design, information column experience and other details.

Objectively speaking, bullet SMS has attracted a large number of new users in terms of its ability to communicate instantly and efficiently. The product introduction shows that bullet short message not only supports speech and text input, but also supports "speech input and text output" by cooperating with the University of Science and Technology (USTC), and converts the speech into text instantly. The recognition rate is higher, and the receiver can see the text directly without clicking on the second operation of the voice.

The growth of new users and the inquiries from investment agencies, on the one hand, come from the recognition of Lao Luo personally, on the other hand, it is also a new attempt after the whole market monopolized Weixin for a long time. The problem is that over the last two months, bullet text messaging hasn't come up with the latest solutions in terms of social circle expansion.

Hong Bo, an independent analyst, told First Financial Reporter earlier that this is not the best time to be an instant messaging tool again - in the PC Internet era, there is no second QQ; in the mobile Internet era, there will be no second Weixin.

Previous millet chat, Netease United Telecom launched e-mail and other applications, almost all attracted a brief glance after the silence, bullet SMS results will be different?

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