Tesla market value evaporation of more than 10 billion shareholders shouted, musk "silence is golden"

Tesla market value evaporation of more than 10 billion shareholders shouted, musk

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Tesla shares have fallen for 5 consecutive trading days. The last week's continued decline has allowed Tesla's market value to evaporate more than 10 billion dollars.

Out of mouth is the best thing to do with Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive. A few days after reaching a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Sept. 29, Musk tweeted at the SEC's Shortseller Enrichment Commission, and even netizens gave him a cold sweat.

But on the other hand, according to Bloomberg, Macquarie gave Tesla a winning rating, and Tesla's share price rose nearly 2% after the end of October 8.

In addition, Model 3 has always been a barometer of Tesla's stock price, saying it has the lowest probability of causing harm in safety tests on medium-sized cars conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Injury).

Market value evaporated over US $10 billion.

As of Monday, Tesla's share price had fallen for five consecutive trading days to its lowest level in 18 months, evaporating more than $10 billion ($69.2 billion). In August this year, Tesla's stock price once approached $380 a share.

In September 29th, Mask reached a settlement agreement with SEC. Musk lost $20 million ($140 million) and his post as chairman of Tesla because of the phrase "to privatize Tesla".

Not only that, Tesla also needs to pay a fine of 20 million dollars. But as soon as the settlement was struck, Tesla's share price rose 17% at the opening of October 1, giving investors a reassurance.

Mask seems to have failed to control emotions from privatization. In the settlement, the SEC explicitly asked Tesla to supervise Musk's communications with investors, but on the fifth day after the agreement, Oct. 4, Musk openly mocked the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) on his personal Twitter account, using the same abbreviation, calling it Shortseller Enrichment Comm. Ission, that is, the Committee on getting rich.

And just after Musk made a mockery of SEC, netizens were in a hurry for him. Alex Chen, a self-proclaimed buyer and shareholder of Tesla Electric, told Musk that "silence is golden."

"You are the genius of this era, but the struggle against SEC will make Tesla nowhere to go. The SEC is not your enemy, and the short is not always your enemy, just as the long-term holder is not necessarily your friend. Please concentrate on completing your task. The netizen commented.

Model 3 was rated one of the best selling cars in America.

According to CNBC (Oct. 8), Tesla said on its official blog that its Model 3 model had performed well in the NHTSA safety tests on medium-sized cars.

The Daily Economic News reporter checked Tesla's official blog and found that the company also mentioned that the Model S and Model X models had the lowest and second lowest risk of injury in pre-NHTSA tests, and now the Model 3 is the safest car.

According to CNBC, NHTSA has not yet officially confirmed the data released by Tesla. With high safety factors for its products, Tesla explained in detail that the heavy-duty battery pack at the bottom of Tesla helps keep the body low in gravity, thereby maintaining stability and reducing the risk of overturning in accidents. Tesla also said that the front crash zone "can be optimized to more effectively absorb energy and squeeze".

In addition to its excellent performance in safety testing, Model 3 is also a leader in sales. Tesla's Model 3 made the top 10 U.S. car sales list in the third quarter, according to Bloomberg data, and Tesla was the first and only electric car manufacturer to do so, often dominated by Japanese and South Korean carmakers.

"The automotive industry is on the brink of decades of Transformation Driven by disruptive innovation and technology, and Tesla is in a'unique position'as the leader," Maynard Um, an analyst who is bullish on Tesla's Macquarie, wrote in a report.

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