Japan's purchase price system for equipment at limited price does not work.

Japan's purchase price system for equipment at limited price does not work.

[World Wide Web Reporter Wang Huan] Japan Defense Equipment Agency in order to purchase defense equipment at a reasonable price, the original plan to introduce price system in 2022. At present, the system is being tested. However, Kyodo news agency October 9 from the relevant interviews learned that the Japanese Accounting Inspection Institute conducted an investigation of the system, and found that price comparisons and data analysis could not be carried out.

Reported that the Inspection Institute plans to verify the effectiveness of the system according to the current situation, 2022 import or more difficult reasons, proposed to modify the system specifications.

In its Medium-Term Defense Readiness Plan for the period 2014-2018, the Japanese government decided to make a database of past contract performance in order to obtain equipment efficiently and to estimate appropriate prices.

When calculating the predetermined price, the equipment office relied on the prediction of private enterprises before. Therefore, more than 200 million yen ($12.2 million) was invested to manage and analyze the progress and cost of the contract between 2014 and 2017 in order to be able to estimate for itself. Trial operation was launched in 2016.

However, the Institute of Accounting Inspection has found that the specifications of the system are in the "calculated price" and manufacturing costs as the benchmark of the predetermined price, only one can be input, not only the price can not be compared, but also the input data can not be analyzed.

The head of Japan's Defense Equipment Agency only said in an interview that "the results of accounting checks have not been released and can not be commented on."

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