Direct attack Jingdong to carry out direct business convenience store business? Response: no large-scale preparations

Direct attack Jingdong to carry out direct business convenience store business? Response: no large-scale preparations

On the morning of October 10, Sina Technologies News reported today that Jingdong has formed a new team to carry out direct convenience store business, while "digging feet" 7-11 executives. In response, Jingdong officials said they would follow the concept of unbounded retail empowerment line off-line stores, and did not prepare for large-scale self-owned stores.

Reported that the Jingdong convenience store for the Jingdong line under the entity store, and Jingdong Mall self-owned goods to maintain the same source. Mainly to integrate the main couples of small shops, shop type is divided into flagship stores, boutique stores, boutique stores, by the Jingdong New Channel Department responsible. In April last year, Jingdong announced the "Million Jingdong Convenience Store Plan" that it will open more than one million Jingdong convenience stores nationwide in the next five years. In April this year, Jingdong also publicly said that by the end of this year, Jingdong will open 1000 new Jingdong convenience stores every day throughout the country. However, the specific implementation of the goal of opening the shop has not yet been announced by Jingdong. (Han Dapeng)

The following is the official response of Jingdong:

Jingdong Convenience Store is the product of unbounded retailing. Jingdong will follow the concept of unbounded retailing to provide high-quality goods. Besides providing high-quality goods, Jingdong will also reconstruct the cost, efficiency and experience of retailing on the basis of "knowing people, knowing goods and knowing the market". At present, Jingdong will insist on this way to continue to empower offline convenience stores, not to do a large-scale self-shop preparation.

Jingdong will also help businesses diversifying and expanding profits with innovative business models. In addition to the traditional retail business, shopkeepers can easily access the rich and colorful value-added business, such as: collection of parcels, virtual consignment, living expenses, card service, Jingdong maintenance, copying services, business registration and so on. In addition, Jingdong will continue to launch a small program "Jingdong convenient GO", to provide a broader sales channel for shopkeepers, to provide users with more convenient services.

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