Direct attack Ctrip Ctrip set up the Lai Cheng Hotel Group positioning high-end next year to open 250

Direct attack Ctrip Ctrip set up the Lai Cheng Hotel Group positioning high-end next year to open 250

Sina Technologies News October 10 afternoon news, Ctrip recently announced the establishment of Licheng Hotel Group, through the country's first-and second-tier cities of high-star hotels into a "alliance", with the help of Ctrip Group's large data analysis and service, to help improve the performance of the hotel and service standards.

According to Licheng COO Sun Gang, this year about 50 high-star hotels will join the "Licheng Hotel Group", these hotels are located in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities. At the same time, Licheng Hotel will also be divided into three major brands according to different positioning, namely, positioning the super high-end hotel brand "Licheng Huating Hotel", positioning the high-end full service hotel brand "Licheng Hotel" and positioning the high-end hotel brand "Licheng Ruixuan Hotel".

In today's Chinese Hotel market, the domestic economy hotel brand advantage is very obvious, the chain economy hotel is gradually replacing the low-priced single hotel, the chain economy hotel brand separation is basically clear; and the domestic high-end hotel brand group proportion is low, and foreign high-end hotel brand. Compared with the high proportion of collectivization, there is still much room for growth.  

Licheng will be an important strategic layout in the high-end hotel brand area under the Ctrip Hotel group. According to the current Licheng Hotel planning, the number of Licheng franchised hotels will exceed 50 by the end of this year, 250 by next year and more than 500 by the following year.  

"We hope that in this upgrade of consumption in the high-end hotel industry, and the major high-star hotels in China to cooperate with the development of the industry to bring change and innovation, in this benign competition to users and society to bring greater value." Sun Gang said.

According to reports, after three months of formal investment, three Licheng hotels have officially opened, 15 officially signed contracts and in preparation for opening, there are more than 50 intent negotiations.

It is understood that the core competitiveness of Licheng Hotel has four main points: data conversion, product influence, marketing communication, tool creativity. Sun Gang said: "We will help hotel owners through their core competitiveness from the user demand side, full-dimensional attention to create demand, improve the experience, and give efficient marketing and platform tools."

It is worth noting that Licheng will bring more replicable experiences and modular tools of systematic management and marketing to Gaoxing Hotels and Hotels Group, so as to help Licheng's partners rapidly improve their market size and competitiveness.

On the same day, Licheng Hotel Group and Shanghai Jinmao Hotel Management Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out hotel management cooperation in China. According to the cooperation agreement, Licheng Group and Jinmao Liquor Management will cooperate in the aspects of hotel brand, big data application, conversion rate promotion and so on, and will jointly launch more than 30 joint Hotels with more than 6000 rooms in the next three years. (Zhang Jun)

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