B station to set up the bidding company before the battle flag TV head Chen Youyou was appointed president

B station to set up the bidding company before the battle flag TV head Chen Youyou was appointed president

Sina Technologies News October 10 afternoon news, according to the network circulated personnel appointment screenshots, today station B officially set up an electric competition company, and named the Tilla Tilla, which Chen Rui was appointed chairman of the company, before the head of the battle flag TV Chen Youyou was appointed president of the company.

The game is the main source of revenue for B station, and electric power has become one of the main directions of B station. In December 2017, Station B officially formed its own electric competition club, Bilibili Gaming, its heroic League Division on behalf of Station B LPL, and in 2018 won the Spring Championship Scores in the fifth place and Demasia Cup runner-up. At the same time, B station also won the 2018 LPL, the world finals, the intercontinental tournament live broadcast rights and the right to broadcast.

Yesterday, B has just announced a strategic cooperation with Houston rockets in the field of electronic competition. The two teams, BLG and CG (Clutch Gaming), and the Rockets and the Shanghai Sunray Sharks, will hold friendly matches on October 9 and 10, respectively.

Li Sheng, deputy chairman and COO of Station B, said at the time that Station B could learn a mature business model from an internationally influential club like the Houston Rockets, hoping to speed up the integration of E-sports and traditional sports, and promote the development and exchange of sports industry in Shanghai and Houston.

The competition industry is ushering in a high-speed development stage. Ai Rui consulting report shows that the overall size of China's E-sports market in 2017 has exceeded 65 billion yuan due to the outbreak of mobile E-sports games. According to the Gamma data report, in 2017, the actual sales revenue of China's e-sports game market reached 73.05 billion yuan, an increase of 44.8% over the same period last year. (Li Nan)

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