To prevent youngsters from indulging in Internet addiction, parents feel that they are fighting for their children with mobile phones.

To prevent youngsters from indulging in Internet addiction, parents feel that they are fighting for their children with mobile phones.

Original title: (prevention of youth internet addiction) parents worry: children, I fight for you with my cell phone.


Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, October 10 (Reporter Yuan Ruting) Li Lan (alias) did not realize the seriousness of the problem until her daughter, who was over 4 years old, asked for a mobile phone as a reward for her homework.

Li Lan's oldest daughter is 7 years old and her youngest daughter is 4 years old. She works in a mobile phone business hall in a township in Hunan Province. Her husband is a signal troubleshooter. Her two daughters live in the countryside with their grandparents. They spend little time with their children.

"Every time we go back, we see children playing with mobile phones. My parents can't manage. " Li Lan said that the girls are addicted to the small video App. If the cell phone is stolen, the child will be very unhappy. It was not until her 4 year old daughter proposed to buy a cell phone that she found "child addicted".

Because of work, Li Lan often contacts parents who come to the business hall to buy mobile phones and pay for their children, and has witnessed many people's anxiety. Li Lan was most impressed by one of the sad old people who said to her grandson, "You're so disobedient, I'm going to be angry with you." The child replied, "Grandma, give me your cell phone when you die."

Li Lan found that some adults in order to be quiet for a while, throw a cell phone to the child, the child will not be noisy; and there is no time to control the child, to the child's mobile phone is to let the child run around.

Reporters visited with their grandparents living together in rural children, many varying degrees of "mobile phone addiction". What is more worrying is that grandparents do not fully understand the harm of mobile phones, and even proudly said: "My grandson is much more powerful than me, mobile phones can play anything!"

Not only is Li Lan troubled. Wang Wei, in his early 40s, is a civil servant whose children attend junior high school in a famous school in Changsha. The conflict between Wang Wei and his children caused by mobile phones is much more intense than Li Lan's mother and daughter.

"My son can hide in his bed and play with his cell phone all night. He is rebellious. If he receives his cell phone, he will be cold with us every day. Wang Wei said that his son was addicted to the game of "fighting and killing". What worried him most was that he had little to do in front of his son.

In the neighboring city where Wang Wei lives, in March this year, a junior high school student, addicted to mobile phones, repeatedly broke out with his mother and committed suicide after a fierce conflict. The child's father told reporters that mobile games for his son "are like smoking cigarettes, after playing happy." They tried to force "addiction" but ended in tragedy.

Such a tragedy, so that many parents fear - the rebellious adolescent children, so that they face "can not ignore, but dare not rigid tube" dilemma.

Wang Wei was curious to see where the fun of his son's game was. "And then I found that what attracted him most was the excitement - the blood of the sound effects, the heroism of the plot..." Wang Wei said.

Many parents of the same age as Wang Wei have adopted the stupid method of "receiving mobile phones" and "guarding children", and they also strongly hope that the regulatory authorities and game companies will shoulder their responsibilities, such as strictly implementing the real-name system and strengthening game auditing.

In the eyes of Su Ye, the "little parent" after 1995, violence and pornography are far from the whole reason for the game's addiction.

Unlike Li Lan and Wang Wei, the 23-year-old Su Ye is known as an "Internet aboriginal" and knows the rules and ways of traveling the world on the Internet. In her view, the most fatal attraction is "sense of existence". The younger brother of primary school is attracted by this, always saying: "My classmate is silver section, especially strong, sister you are more powerful, you are the gold section!"

"I want to know why he is more addicted than how to confiscate his cell phone." Sue Ye took her brother and a group of children to play games together, and then found that "game record" and academic performance, sports expertise, is their "social medal".

Su Ye observed that the children in the silver section obviously had more voice. "The first prize is only one person. Playing games and winning records is the way many ordinary children find their sense of existence among their peers. Said the Soviet leaf.

In Su Ye's view, let children have more realistic sense of social, existence and identity, is the cure. (finish)

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