A direct attack on Jingdong, which supports the import of fast moving goods, calls for 50 national pavilions in one year.

A direct attack on Jingdong, which supports the import of fast moving goods, calls for 50 national pavilions in one year.

In the afternoon of October 10, the Sina Science and Technology News reported that Jingdong released a new strategy called "Global Yet Local", which covers four dimensions: flow planning, new planning, service planning and national pavilion planning. In addition, 50 national pavilions have been opened in the coming year, and 10 fans have been helped to break through 1 million.  

Feng Yi, vice president of Jingdong Group and President of consumer goods division of Jingdong Shopping Mall, said that the new strategy covers a wide range of fast-moving consumer goods such as food and beverages, mothers and babies, cleaning and personal care, and pet gardening. Among them, imported food is the main category of fast-moving consumer goods consumed by Chinese people, and the new strategy will also focus on Implementation of imported food.

Speaking about the flow planning, Li Kaisi, general manager of the Import Commodities Department of the Consumer Goods Department of Jingdong Mall, said that Jingdong hoped to achieve the accumulation of fans and ultimately achieve the realization of value through all-round content touching and establishing a relationship of concern. User fans play an important role in brand transformation, repurchase, product customization and service differentiation.

Li Kaisi said that in order to further empower the operation of the business fan flow, in the next year, the value of 10 million yuan of resources will be spent on Fan Pull and fan orientation activities to support 10 stores within a year to support more than 1 million fans, 100 stores more than 100,000 fans.

"Jingdong is not only a platform for selling goods, but also an infrastructure service provider and a good partner for brand makers," Li Kaisi said, adding that small and medium-sized brands are not only having problems entering the online market, but also lacking professionalism in e-commerce. Jingdong will help these businesses, including how to integrate online and offline, truly achieve unbounded retailing, and help them successfully transform into Internet companies.

At the same time, Li Kaisi also announced that in the next year, the Ministry of Import and Commodities of East Beijing will open 50 national pavilions. It is reported that the national pavilions of Ireland, Thailand, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore and Russia have been opened, while those of Germany, South Korea, Italy and Canada are currently in preparation. For example, consumers in the Irish National Pavilion has nearly 30 distinctive authentic commodities sold, including milk, beef and other local specialties; Thailand National Pavilion, the world-renowned Thai fragrant rice, coconut oil, etc. are sold as a boom.

"The opening of these national pavilions has been supported by embassies and relevant government departments in various countries. In the future, Jingdong will open a special channel entrance for the National Pavilion to promote the development of the National Pavilion with the best resources, "said Li Kaisi. (Han Dapeng)

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