Baidu HUAWEI has reached strategic cooperation in the field of 5G MEC

Baidu HUAWEI has reached strategic cooperation in the field of 5G MEC

Today, Baidu and Huawei announced that they will cooperate in MEC platform technology and verification of typical MEC application scenarios to build an open platform compatible with telecommunications MEC functions and Internet edge computing applications. This is the first cooperation between Internet companies and telecom equipment providers in the field of 5G MEC. It is of great significance to explore new business models and promote the development of MEC industry.

In recent years, Baidu has been actively laying out the edge computing, 5G field, has launched an Internet-oriented edge computing unified platform Over The Edge (OTE), open source advanced edge computing capabilities to benefit more business scenarios, and has been working with Unicom, Intel and other enterprises to accelerate the 5G construction. The cooperation between Baidu and Huawei will further strengthen the edge computing capability, speed up the landing of edge computing and 5G layout process, and promote the deepening exchanges between the Internet industry and telecommunications equipment industry in the field of 5G MEC.

Baidu opens OTE platform, and HUAWEI promotes MEC industry development

With the development of smart home, smart manufacturing, intelligent transportation, smart city and other fields, the number of network edge devices has increased dramatically. The data information generated by these devices has reached the level of all-bit-tuple (ZB). This undoubtedly raises a higher demand for edge computing. How to promote edge computing to land quickly in specific scenes, extract effective data, and make a correct judgment to produce value has become a difficult problem for the industry to overcome.

In order to speed up the specific application scenarios of edge computing, Baidu builds an Internet-oriented unified platform for edge computing, Over The Edge (OTE). With the help of mature resource pooling and management technology of cloud computing, Baidu invests computing resources on the Internet side, such as cloud edge infrastructure, distributed computing resources, mobile network edges and intelligent terminals. Source unified management, to shield the underlying heterogeneous characteristics, reduce the Internet application access edge resource threshold, multi-level acceleration of output standards.

Baidu OTE platform has built a variety of top-level SaaS services, such as AI reasoning, function computing, edge transcoding, etc., and ultimately for business output scene edge solutions. The platform is testing and validating the Internet of Things, online translation and video edge processing to speed up the further landing of edge computing capability.

Based on OTE platform, Baidu cooperates with Huawei to build and call MEC capabilities, including basic capabilities of MEC platform, network capabilities API, and various acceleration technologies such as encoding, decoding, encryption and decryption, to create an open platform compatible with Internet edge computing applications and telecommunications MEC functions. Baidu's OTE software framework will also continue to open source, develop with the telecom open source community, explore multi-dimensional cooperation, and develop extensive technical and commercial cooperation with the industry.

Baidu's 5G layout

Baidu OTE platform has both 5G network seamless docking and platform automation, can achieve 5G network edge precise positioning, with high bandwidth, low latency capabilities. Baidu continues to optimize the OTE platform at the same time, in fact, is also promoting the development of the 5G industry, expanding the layout of 5G.

In June this year, Baidu and China Unicom set up a "5G + AI joint laboratory" to jointly carry out the 5G test. In September, Baidu and Intel built the "5G + AI edge computing joint laboratory" to create OTE (Over The Edge) - 5G edge computing platform. Baidu also proposed the OTE Partnership Alliance initiative, starting from infrastructure construction, capability layer (OTE software framework, 5G MEC software architecture) and upper applications (AI applications, cloud computing applications, IoT applications, etc.), with more partners to accelerate the 5G landing process. (Xin Ling)

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