Harrow travel online taxi business backed by Ali's "Travel dream"

Harrow travel online taxi business backed by Ali's

Xinjing News (Reporter Chen Weicheng) October 12, reporters noticed that Hello travel and partners in Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, three cities pilot on-line taxi business. It means that the trip to the Ali department will be officially launched.

In September, Harrow announced that the company had changed its name to "Hello Trip" and launched a brand-new labeling system. After the renamed trip also announced the Shanghai Shentong Metro Group's "subway + bicycle integration wisdom connection" cooperation plan, and joined the FAW bus, tick trip, Gaode map and other travel service providers to build a smart travel platform.

"In October this year, Haro travel will be connected to the ticking trip, and with the first automobile contract to carry out business cooperation, and Gauda map is similar cooperation, and hungry is in the life service cooperation." At that time, harrow CEO Li Kaizhu briefed the Beijing News reporter.

In addition to the online car booking business, Hello Travel has announced that it has launched a "two-wheel + four-wheel" partnership with Weimar's smart travel brand "GETnGO" to share bicycles, electric motorcycles and automobiles.

How about the current cooperation between Harrow and Shared Car Enterprises? Hello, CEO, Yang Lei told the Beijing News reporters.

Harrow, which was founded in September 2016, is a dark horse in the travel industry. In October 2017, low carbon technology combined with harrow travel in Yongan was responsible for Harbin travel. In one year, it has completed several rounds of financing, and Ant Golden Clothes and Fosun Group have led more than 500 million D rounds of financing.

In June this year, Low-carbon Science and technology signed the "Capital Increase Agreement" with Yongan Xing, Shanghai Yunxin and other relevant parties, and Shanghai Yunxin increased its capital for Low-carbon Science and technology by 1.894 billion yuan. Upon completion of the transaction, Shanghai Yunxin will hold 36.73% of the shares in low-carbon technology, becoming the company's largest shareholder, while Shanghai Yunxin is an Ali company.

At present, the tripping ecology has been formed, and the U.S. group purchases the Mobai bicycle and lays out the taxi business. The trip strategy can be retreated. A person familiar with the matter told the Beijing News that the Ali department would strongly support Hello travel in the future.

Internet analyst Ji Cheng believes that the Ali Department of the publishing business has been rich, sharing bicycles, sharing cars, Internet automotive solutions to improve the form is complete. Harrow travel, as a relatively developed enterprise, plays a prominent role in the Ali travel strategy.

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