A direct attack on Ctrip, the first batch of female employees went to the United States to freeze eggs.

A direct attack on Ctrip, the first batch of female employees went to the United States to freeze eggs.

Sina Technologies News October 12 afternoon news, Ctrip announced in July this year, including frozen eggs and other special birth welfare programs, recently, the first batch of women managers enjoying Ctrip this special fertility benefits to the United States frozen eggs.

In July this year, Ctrip announced the launch of a special fertility welfare program internally: to broaden the use of the fertility fund, to provide 100,000 to 2 million yuan and 7-day annual leave for senior female managers in the company, so that they can enjoy high-tech assisted reproductive benefits such as frozen eggs. Ctrip has become the first large technology enterprise to provide this fertility and welfare project in China.

Three months after the package was introduced, Zhang Xin, founder of Zhite Medical, a partner in Ctrip's frozen eggs, said that in the past 11 Golden weeks, the number of people visiting the U.S. frozen eggs has increased by nearly 400% compared with the previous year, including female managers enjoying Ctrip's special fertility benefits.

The United States took the lead in opening frozen eggs to women in 2012. For women, frozen eggs not only meet the requirements of fertility reserves, but also may change the traditional way of life of careers, marriage and children. The maturity of frozen egg technology enables women to arrange and balance career, family and children's process more freely.

With the increasing call for the liberalization of the national fertility policy and the quality demand brought by economic growth, assisted reproductive industry has become a new wave of market investment hot spot in China.

Compared with the overseas market, it is more obvious in China that women's labor force and position in the workplace continue to rise. Many middle-class women are also putting "frozen eggs" into their own life plans. They chose to go abroad for surgery, freeze and preserve eggs, and extend their childbearing age.

"Ctrip women managers who come to freeze eggs are representatives of this group, who see it as an investment in their own future." Zhang Xin said, "they do not want to consider giving birth for the time being, or do not want to enter marriage at the moment. There are not too many constraints to remove the frozen eggs, and solve their worries for them.

In fact, the introduction of this welfare within Ctrip is closely related to Liang Jianzhang, co-founder of Ctrip and chairman of the executive board, who is keen on population issues.

In a recent interview, Liang Jianzhang said China might continue to relax population policy restrictions. It is not difficult to imagine that with the liberalization of fertility policy, the acceptance of assisted reproductive methods such as "frozen eggs" will increase. As more and more women postpone marriage and pregnancy, the demand for fertility services has also benefited from this change.

"In fact, the price of frozen eggs is high, and the company can provide this benefit, which makes people feel that James (Liang Jianzhang) is very hard-core about encouraging fertility, his concern about the Chinese population and the promotion of policies, which makes us feel that he is doing everything he can - encouraging people to have more children, to mention it. High fertility. " A Ctrip employee said. (Zhang Jun)

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