Huatai Automobile recombines dawn and strong power to launch new energy vehicles

Huatai Automobile recombines dawn and strong power to launch new energy vehicles

On the domestic independent brand arena, a strong competitor has been reloaded.

On September 27, Huatai Automobile Group, which has received much attention, handled the transfer formalities with Shuguang Shares, and Shuguang Shares issued the announcement of the change of ownership and company controller on the same day.

The announcement shows that Huatai Auto Group has completed the acquisition and delivery of Dawning Shares, with a total of 19.77% of Dawning Shares and 1.5% of Dawning Shares as voting rights entrusted by voting rights, and 21.27% of Dawning Shares as controlling shareholders.

On September 28, the provincial government of Liaoning Province paid close attention to the relevant leaders of Dandong, and Dawning Holdings held a meeting of strategic reorganization cadres to successfully complete the strategic reorganization. Zhang Xiugen, chairman of Huatai Holding Group, Huatai Automobile Group, and Li Jinfeng, chairman of Dawning Automobile Group attended the meeting. According to the articles of association, the new board of directors of Dawning shares will be elected soon.

Executives said, "After the combination of the two sides, the licence is more complete, the product line is richer, the industrial chain is longer, the sales network coverage is wider. We have reason to believe that with the deep integration of the two sides, Huatai and Dawn will surely create a first-class new energy automobile group in China.

Why does Huatai meet the dawn?

Huatai Automobile is a new energy automobile business as the core, set vehicle and power assembly research and development, design, manufacture, sales and automotive finance as one of the automotive group companies.

In the eyes of outsiders, Huatai Automobile is quite low-key, but the industry know that Huatai Automobile has always been low-key strength is not bad. Founded in 2000, Huatai Automobile Group has assets of 50 billion yuan, with four R&D centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Munich, Germany; four core production bases in Tianjin, Shandong Rongcheng, Inner Mongolia Ordos, Jiangyin, Jiangsu; and industrial platforms such as SUV, sedan, power system. With an annual output of 450,000 sets of 4AT, 400,000 sets of 6AT automatic transmission and 600,000 sets of vehicle production capacity, sales and service network in more than 30 countries and regions.

At present, Huatai Automobile is a world-leading automobile enterprise with core technology of automobile, diesel engine, 6AT automatic transmission and new energy, and also has license plate of net contract, which is the first to obtain financial lease license in the domestic automobile industry.

Why is the acquisition of dawn shares so much concern outside? The most direct reason is that the dawning share that Huatai Automobile wants to acquire is not a "simple" enterprise. Dawning stock is not only a listed company, but also a national automobile export base enterprise, with commercial vehicles, passenger cars, special vehicles and Dawning axles and parts of the four major series of products.

At present, Dawning shares not only has "Huanghai" car and "Dawning" bridge two well-known products in China, but also is the leading research and development and manufacturing base of light axles in China, has been in the forefront of the domestic light axle industry for 21 consecutive years. Dawning's big customers, pickup trucks and axle have formed a good reputation and a high reputation in the market.

After the acquisition of Dawning Shares, Huatai Automobile will become a full-qualified manufacturer with a full range of automotive products and axle products, such as traditional automobiles and new energy cars, SUV, logistics vehicles, special vehicles, China Bus, bus, bus and so on. It will also greatly help Huatai Automobile to accelerate its transformation and development.

Strong and United industries to serve the country

In recent years, with the strong rise of manufacturing in China and the continuous development of domestic automotive brands in competition and cooperation, the products and technology of the whole industry are undergoing a critical change from small to large, from weak to strong. And "Made in China 2025" also proposed to form a complete industrial system and innovation system from key components to the whole vehicle, to promote energy-saving and new energy vehicles with the international advanced level. Under the dual effect of market and policy, how to break through and seek development for independent automobile brand, and help national strategy has become the top priority of all automobile enterprises.

Looking back on the development course of two independent brands of Huatai Automobile and Dawning Automobile, we have always adhered to independent research and development, and practiced the ideal of serving the country by industry. This time, we will work together and hopefully find a new way for the two independent brands to join hands to become bigger and stronger, enhance the overall competitiveness and achieve large-scale expansion.

In the future development, Huatai Automobile and Shuguang automobile are always following the international strategy. On the one hand, they have already penetrated into the new energy field. On the other hand, they also grasp the opportunity of "one belt and one road" and implement the "going out" strategy.

As early as 2009, Huatai Automobile began to devote major efforts to the research and development of new energy vehicles. Through the establishment of technology centers in Beijing and Munich, Huatai Automobile has developed its own three-Electric technology with excellent performance. It possesses core technology and independent intellectual property rights in the three-Electric technology of integrated control, motor and battery. Industry leading technology and market position.

Dawning Group will "new energy, clean energy research and development and application" as the core strategy, and in 2009 the first batch of new energy bus access "pass", Huanghai Bus continued to develop and expand lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate battery passenger cars and fuel cell bus product lines, has formed a number of pure electric Buses, hybrid electric buses, pure electric light passenger cars, pure electric pickup trucks and other new energy bus products.

Under the guidance of the internationalization strategy of "technology-oriented, mutually beneficial and win-win", Huatai Automobile has continuously improved the domestic market layout while achieving a rapid overseas market layout. Huatai Automobile has established distribution channels not only in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, but also in Russia, Angola, South Africa and other places to establish automobile factories, and plans to invest in India, Indonesia, Iran, Algeria, Colombia and other countries in the future to form a major pattern of international production and marketing.

At the same time, the international strategy of Dawning Group has also achieved initial results. At the end of 2016, 84 luxury 12-meter air-conditioned buses from the Yellow Sea in Dandong completed the acceptance inspection and landed in Ghana, West African countries; in February 2017, Dawning Group signed a pickup export agreement with Ethiopia, and nearly 1000 sets of N2 pickup trucks. In August 2017, the Yellow Sea N series pickups successfully landed in the Iranian market, nearly 300 sets of N2 pickups have been delivered to customers.

It can be predicted that Huatai Automobile and Dawning Automobile will enter the Chinese automobile market in a brand-new attitude after completing the integration. On the basis of their original part of business, they will gain more large-scale profits. With the preliminary global layout, Huatai Automobile and Dawning Automobile will be the representatives of China's independent brands. Compete with the international market.

Complementary products and upward trend

This strong alliance between the two excellent domestic independent brand automobile enterprises is also a complementary industrial chain and the integration of superior resources.

Huatai Automobile has a strong technical force and performs well in the research and development of core parts. It is not only a rare domestic automobile enterprise with independent intellectual property rights of core technology of gasoline and diesel engine, but also a domestic automobile enterprise with independent intellectual property rights of 6AT automatic transmission. With the core components and assembly manufacturing technology as the backing, Huanghai Automobile under Dawning shares has become one of the most comprehensive and best quality passenger car brands in China. Dawning Light Bridge has also ranked in the forefront of the light bridge market share in the country for five consecutive years, and has become an important link in the excellent supply chain. . After the integration of the two sides, the relevant advantages of technology can be shared and exchanged to promote progress.

At the same time, Zhang Hongliang, chairman of Huatai Automobile Group, also stressed that whether Dawn or Huatai Automobile, must put products and quality first, product and quality is the "lifeline" of automobile enterprises, a vehicle enterprise, not a few good, loud products, everything is empty talk. Geely Automobile has developed rapidly in recent years, that is, it has made great efforts in product and quality; Huawei has been working hard for decades, always insisting on independent research and development, mastering core technology, always insisting on quality first, and eventually singing globally. Dawn of the future must also focus on creating a "fist" product or two, focus on energy and resources, do specialist, refined, strong.

Under the guidance of the strategic idea of focusing on products, the two sides work together to make the future products look forward to.

Looking ahead to the future trend of the automotive industry, Zhang Hongliang said that at present, Huatai Automobile Group has decided on the overall development strategy of "23321". First, we should deepen the cultivation of two major areas, consolidate traditional automobiles and focus on new energy vehicles. Second, the main model of the "three arrows together", that is, SUV, sedan, pickup truck, while actively promoting buses, light passengers, special cars, Huatai small bees and other models. The three is the effective launch of "two bombs and one star", namely, engine, transmission, dawn bridge. Fourth, to expand domestic and international markets, the domestic side, pickup as the grasp, seize the county and rural markets; Huatai SUV, Huatai bee and Dawn light passenger as the grasp, march into the third and fourth-tier cities; Huanghai bus, Huatai logistics car, network contract car as the grasp to open up the big city market. Internationally, Huatai Automobile and Dawn will continue to expand the distribution of overseas markets and continue to expand overseas sales channels.

At present, under the trend of AI, big data and Internet +, Huatai motor is working closely with Baidu, didi and other Internet and technology companies to promote the development of forward-looking autonomous technology such as road recognition, L2X and deep learning. The the Yellow Sea bus Research Institute is also actively following up, and the two sides are working closely together. Close cooperation, and strive to seize the initiative in the ongoing "car revolution".

Huatai Automobile said that after the integration with Dawning, it will build up different market segments covering daily travel, urban public transport, logistics and distribution, group commuting, tourism leasing, short-distance passenger transport, high-end business, special purpose and other fields, including unmanned driving, intelligent travel, intelligent interconnection with research and development, etc. Making, marketing, service and other comprehensive strength of large automotive groups, optimize the existing industrial structure, forge more valuable brands, China's automotive industry transformation and upgrading, bigger and stronger to make greater contributions.

The combination of Huatai Automobile and Dawning Automobile is not only the expansion of the enterprise scale, but also the integration of independent brand insisting on independent research and development and the initial intention of industrial newspapering. It will play a 1+1>2 effect, further strengthen the market performance of independent brand, enhance the strength of independent brand, and hand over for the breakthrough and development of independent brand. My own answer.

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