Trump warned India: the purchase of Russian S400 missiles will soon bear the consequences.

Trump warned India: the purchase of Russian S400 missiles will soon bear the consequences.

On the 10th, Trump again responded to India's purchase of Russian S-400 missiles, indicating that India will soon bear the consequences. Trump seems angry with India about ignoring his warnings, but he can't do much.

According to Russian Tass News Agency reported on October 10, U.S. President Trump said in a meeting with reporters at the White House that day that India will soon know what the consequences of its procurement of S-400 air defense missile systems from Russia. "India will soon know, and you will soon see, much earlier than you think," he said in response to the reporter's question, "What measures the United States is prepared to take against India's procurement of Russian-made S-400 systems under the framework of the CAATSA.

On October 5, during a visit to India by Russian President Vladimir Putin and talks with Indian Prime Minister Modi, India signed a $5.43 billion contract with Russia to buy five regiments of S-400 air defense missile systems from Russia and begin delivery in 2020. Before the signing of the agreement, the United States has repeatedly warned India not to do business with Russia. However, India did not buy it or signed a large arms order with Russia.

India's New India Express reported that Indian Army Chief of Staff Rawat had said that New Delhi had realized that the United States would impose sanctions on India for purchasing the Russian S-400 system, but he stressed that India intended to continue its independent policy. It is understood that in addition to buying Russian weapons, India is also ignoring the threat of U. S. sanctions, plans to continue to import large-scale oil from Iran.

Is India really going to lose hands this time? Will the US India Relations "roll over"? Qi Kai, an associate researcher at the Institute of Foreign Studies of the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, told CNN that despite Trump's remarks, the U.S. policy towards India as a whole remains very cautious. This time India is determined to buy Russian missiles, the United States may therefore be in a small range of India to knock, but will not make a big fight against India.

Mr. Trump may have done something unexpected because of his ruling style and personality, but it is clear that there is no internal anti-Indian sentiment in the White House today.

Qi Kai introduced that India is now playing an important role in the "Indo-Pacific Strategy" of the United States, which has been drawing India, hoping that the latter can help achieve its strategic objectives in the Indo-Pacific region. But with many differences, India seems reluctant to cater to the American idea. At the same time, India does not want to lose its strategic and independent diplomatic image that has been shaped for a long time.

Qi Kai also pointed out that the United States also wants to maintain arms trade relations with India, do not want to lose India's defense market.

It is understood that the United States and India have deepened their defense cooperation in the past 10 years, and the United States has become the second largest arms seller in India. The two sides have completed about $15 billion in defense transactions.

Qi Kai said that for two reasons, although Trump said India would have a "bitter fruit", the United States and India are unlikely to turn upside down.

Perhaps, because of the demand for India, Trump's anger is actually riding a tiger. Will the so-called sanctions be lifted high and put down gently? It remains to be seen.

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