Guangming Internet Nantong expired vaccine incident: no mistake can be tolerated

Guangming Internet Nantong expired vaccine incident: no mistake can be tolerated

Source: Guangming

Guangming on October 13 news, according to media reports, before this caused concern about the passing of the vaccine incident in southern Jiangsu has a preliminary statement. According to the disclosure, on the afternoon of October 11, some parents reported that they had been vaccinated with group A meningoencephalic polysaccharide vaccine which had expired for more than four months at Xinkai Street Community Health Service Center in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. On the morning of October 12, Nantong Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee Social Affairs Bureau reported that the local drug regulatory, public security and other departments have set up a working group to carry out investigation and disposal. No other overdue vaccines were found. At present, the vaccination doctor has been suspended for examination.

Speaking of this, this parent can discover that the vaccine expires, is also a very accidental thing. Because the bottle fell to the ground, he just took a picture of the bottle with his mobile phone and looked at it randomly after vaccination, only to find the date was wrong. The whole event is a casual behavior with a small probability.

However, the local response was also full of coincidences, compared with the high incidence of outdated cases. The vaccination was not supposed to have expired, but to have been inadvertently dropped to the ground by the inoculator, then picked up an expired flask of the same strain from the ground and injected the diluent into the bottle, which was then inoculated for the two children. It was this empty bottle that was picked up at random. The departments concerned also said that the "escaped" vaccine bottle had been found from the ground.

Is this process very messy? However, this is the authoritative Bulletin of the Social Affairs Bureau of the Nantong Economic Development Zone Management Committee. Believe it or not, it is obvious that vaccine bottles are "haunted" in broad daylight. I really want to ask one more question. Is this service center usually not sweeping the floor? Is vaccination bottle used by doctors not centralized but disposed of everywhere?

To sum up, the Circular of Nantong is only intended to emphasize that this outdated vaccine incident is a small chance incident, for example, there is no need to panic.

Perhaps that expired vaccine is really a slip of the net. However, for the public, the expiration is the expiration, the problem is the problem, can not deny, can not divert attention. Whether it is vaccinated with an expired vaccine or misused an empty bottle of an expired vaccine, there is always a security risk.

Imagine empty bottles rolling around on the ground, doctors can drop vaccination bottles by mistake, management chaos, so how can such a vaccination agency trust the people, and whether it meets the medical and health conditions? In other words, why does a formal vaccination agency deliberately "residual" a bottle of expired vaccine?

Don't blame people for being sensitive, don't blame public opinion for fueling the situation. It doesn't seem necessary to say much about how important a vaccine is to a child, what the impact of an expired vaccine will be. It should be emphasized that on the issue of vaccines, only more rigorous, only safer, without any excuse or reason to arbitrarily dissuade public opinion.

One milk powder, one vaccine, any slight mistake can lead to the emotional turmoil of the whole society, one reason is that it is so important that we can not be indifferent; another reason is that we have already had too many evil incidents before, people's trust has already been overdrawn by various public authorities, it can not be trusted.

And the rebuilding of trust is just a little bit of effort. More normal performance, more frank communication, less weird plot, less magic plot, the situation will be much better.

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