Russian media: US led coalition forces use white phosphorus bombs to attack Syria.

Russian media: US led coalition forces use white phosphorus bombs to attack Syria.

[Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Russian satellite news agency quoted sources on October 13, the United States-led international coalition bombed the town of Hajin in Syria's Daerzur province using white phosphorus bombs, in violation of relevant international resolutions.

Sources said, "Coalition forces in the town of Hajin, 110 kilometers away from Dalzur, carried out air strikes, the use of banned white phosphorus bombs." The report points out that the air raid took place in October 13th. There is no information about casualties.

According to Syrian television reports, in the international coalition air strikes on Syria's Darzur province, many people were killed and many others injured.

Yuri Shevitkin, vice chairman of the National Duma Defense Commission, said it was necessary to ask the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to review if it was confirmed that the international coalition had used the banned white phosphorus bomb in Syrian air strikes.

Earlier, the Russian military said on September 9 that two U.S. F-15 fighters attacked the town of Hajin in Syria's Daerzur province with white phosphorus bombs on the 8th, triggering a massive fire, according to a report on today's Russian website. But now that the U.S. military is no longer equipped with white phosphorus bombs, it is likely that more powerful napalm bombs will strike the town.

It is understood that white phosphorus bomb is the use of easily burned white phosphorus as the main charge of ammunition. White phosphorus has strong reducibility and is hard to be extinguished by water. Toxic phosphorus pentoxide smoke is emitted during combustion, and if white phosphorus in combustion splashes on people, it can be ablated to the bone, causing deep burns that are difficult to heal. It is considered a very inhumane weapon.

Reported that the U. S. Army is still equipped with white phosphorus smoke bombs, but the U. S. Air Force is no longer equipped with white phosphorus combustion bombs. The Russian army is likely to mistake other types of burning bombs thrown by the US military, such as the MK77 naphtha bomb, for white phosphorus bombs. MK77 solidified gasoline bomb uses a strong reductive mixture charge, which is as difficult to be extinguished by water as white phosphorus burning bomb. It has stronger arson effect, greater lethality and more serious threat to civilians.

However, the Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Combustible Weapons, adopted in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1980, provided for the prohibition of the use of any type of incendiary ammunition, whether or not white phosphorus incendiary bombs, in densely populated civilian areas. The United States signed the agreement as early as 2009.

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