Dimethyl group said in Nanjing has retreated nearly 200 thousand illegal network car.

Dimethyl group said in Nanjing has retreated nearly 200 thousand illegal network car.

Xinhua News Agency, Nanjing, Oct. 14 (Reporter Yang Shaogong) Reporter from the Nanjing Transport Bureau, the passenger management office was informed that recently, the local transport and public security departments focused on the drip and the United States regiment two platform companies to rectify irregular vehicles. During the process, the information provided by the two platforms showed that a total of 200 thousand vehicles were cleared.

Since October 10, Nanjing Transportation and Public Security Department has formed a joint working group, stationed in Nanjing to obtain operational qualifications of seven network contract vehicle platform companies, to carry out inspection on the legal operation. During the inspection, the Drop Platform Company provided a total of 1611,151 vehicles that had been cleared, and the Beauty Platform Company provided a total of 38,000 vehicles that had been cleared. Accordingly, two platform companies claim that 199151 vehicles have been retreated.

However, comparing the information on illegal operating vehicles investigated and prosecuted since 2017, the inspection team found that both platforms had problems with vehicles that had been subject to administrative penalties that had not yet been cleared. At present, the two platform companies have promised to complete the withdrawal of all vehicles under investigation in the Nanjing market by October 18.

Local traffic and public security inspections also found that some platform companies still have the problem of providing network appointment dispatch service for unqualified vehicles and personnel. Both platforms have established qualification verification channels, but neither has started substantive work to verify the qualifications of vehicles and personnel on access platforms; although both platforms have set up corresponding posts and personnel, there is a lack of assessment mechanism; both platforms supervise vehicle owners. There are some problems such as unclear responsibilities, inadequate management and unclear responsibility of the main body of production safety.

It is understood that the local transportation department will provide technical and data support to the platform company to help verify the legitimacy of registered personnel and improve the efficiency of platform company certification. At the same time, the inspection team will be stationed in the platform company regularly in the future, through data comparison to urge the platform company to clear off irregular vehicles and personnel in time, the platform company that has not completed corrective content due to increase the frequency of punishment.

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