Teenagers indulge in online game chaos investigation: how to let children drop the game?

Teenagers indulge in online game chaos investigation: how to let children drop the game?

Source: Beijing Morning Post

"Children are very addicted to playing mobile games, spare time almost inseparable from mobile phones, before the results can be ranked in the top ten classes, a while ago has been the bottom of the class. Wang Qiang (not her real name) is going to take the college entrance examination next year, but she is still stuck in the world of games and can not extricate herself. Ms. Gong, a Nanjing citizen, is becoming more and more anxious.

The teacher said: Students' sleep and performance are all affected.

Ms. Gong said that children like electronic products from an early age, before he was not restricted, resulting in more and more dependence on mobile phones, games, to junior high school after the more difficult to discipline, before playing secretly, then simply playing in front of adults.

Ms. Gong's dilemma is a common problem faced by many parents and teachers: addiction to games has seriously affected teenagers'learning and physical health.

"I have taught classes, including other classes in the school, students play mobile games more common phenomenon, two-thirds of the students have played games." Lai Yizhou, a senior high school teacher in Foshan, said that students usually play games after school, nap or sleep at night, and sleep and performance are affected.

With the popularity of smart phones and 4G networks, various types of online games are also rapidly spreading to the countryside, more and more rural children are trapped in the hands of the world. The Deputy principal of Taolin Town Central Primary School in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province, told reporters on the street that more and more rural children have mobile phones and are obsessed with mobile games. Some children are tired of learning or even drop out of school, seriously affecting the quality of teaching in rural primary and secondary schools.

Apart from affecting children's physical health and academic performance, what worries parents is the temptations and risks hidden in the virtual world.

All kinds of bad consequences caused by addicted games continue to be staged. Thirteen-year-old students jumped out of the building after being taught by their father for playing games, 11-year-old girls stole more than 100,000 yuan to buy equipment, and 17-year-old teenagers played Wild games for 40 hours, which resulted in cerebral infarction and death.

Students say: games are a great source of "a sense of achievement".

Mobile games are just a form of entertainment, but for some teenagers, mobile games are the whole world.

"The rules here are very clear, there are like-minded" Dao friends ", killing and killing is very enjoyable. Fifteen-year-old Zhang Jun (not his real name) was obsessed with mobile phone games and refused to go to school after graduating from junior three. He stayed at home and played games all day.

One of the main reasons for games to attract youngsters is "peer psychology". Many students reflect that the students around are playing games, if you do not follow into the game world, there is no "common language" between students and friends, and when entered, the game is a "sense of achievement" of a major source: who is high, who plays the game well, not only the protagonist in the game, but also in real life It's an enviable role.

On the one hand, teenagers are constantly addicted to mobile games, while on the other hand, many game development enterprises are walking on the edge of the law. Some games intentionally add violence and eroticism in order to attract people and increase traffic; some characters are exposed in their clothes, and their figures are set to be adults; some games are too playful and make up history.

More to be vigilant is that game advertising and publicity can be seen everywhere on the Internet, and even many game advertising with a variety of sexual hints, full of violence and other content.

Designers said: anti indulgence system power shortage effect is limited.

"One is liver, see how long it takes you; the other is krypton, that's how much it costs." A designer of a large-scale game enterprise who did not want to be named told reporters that in the process of designing the game, the main consideration is how to attract more players to participate, with the participation of the players, you can design a payment point, it is also beneficial.

The designer said that teenagers have limited ability to pay, and game designers won't put their profits on teenagers, but teenagers have a lot of time. After entering the game, they can pull up the base of playing games and give some paying players a better experience. Therefore, some development and operation enterprises are in public opinion. The youth addiction prevention system was started, but the motivation was insufficient and the effect was limited.

According to the 2017 China Game Industry Report, the number of game users in China has reached 583 million, with sales revenue exceeding 200 billion yuan, while the share of mobile games continues to increase by more than half. Among them, teenagers are one of the main groups of game users. How to let children play mobile games and avoid addiction to games has become one of the urgent social problems.

Regulators need to start with school and family education.

"Although the game enterprise is not the primary responsible party, but in the development of the game process, social responsibility should be placed in a more prominent position." A responsible person in Guangdong's former culture hall said.

Preventing teenagers from indulging in games is a major social issue involving multiple forces. Many workers engaged in education and cultural supervision believe that it is a misconception to attribute the problems of family education, school education and social contradictions to playing games themselves.

"Internet addicted teenagers, some do not feel the warmth of the family at home, some do not feel the pleasure of learning in school, but the game can meet these." A game regulator said that this needs to start with school and family education, to actively guide young people, give them more warmth and care.

Lu Xiaokun, executive chairman of Guangdong Game Industry Association, said that some students who are in a critical period of physical and mental development and values establishment lack the ability to discriminate between the contents of some cultural products and need to be guided positively. Employees in the game industry need to put this social responsibility into the whole process of game development and operation, and jointly cultivate a reasonable and healthy game culture.

To prevent teenagers from indulging in games, we should not rely only on the development of a strict anti-addiction system in enterprises, but also on the joint defense of society as a whole: law, technology, education and family.

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