Will NetEase and other giants concentrate their bets to become new "explosions"?

Will NetEase and other giants concentrate their bets to become new

Source: Beijing Morning Post

After years of capital immersion and scrambling, online music has grown from a "listening tool" to an independent group with a market capitalisation comparable to a giant, and new types of music with frequent blockbusters give the market reason to believe that the online music industry will be an important way to influence a new generation of young people. Which type of music will become the next burst? Will there be any change in the industry pattern that has been quiet for a long time? No one can give an accurate answer, but there is no doubt that a new era of online music is coming when war enters a new dimension.

The giant concentrates on the bets.

"Until now, Ding Lei, an electric fan, has finally realized the wish of * raising pigs and playing dads in the evening. He even learned to play the disc some time ago, and joked that he would rename it as "NetEase DJ Ding Lei." On October 12, Netease Electronics brand stabbed FEVER activity scene, Netease stabbed FEVER CEO Wang careful a joke triggered the scene laughter. Ding Lei, CEO of Netease, who wears plain clothes on the screen and doesn't see "nightclub wind" at all, smiles and raises his thumbs in front of the disc player. Netease's decision to enter the Electro-Voice market is once again "top-down" implemented.

Electronic music is the abbreviation of electronic music, Ai Media Consulting released the "2016-2017 China's electronic music market research report" shows that 2016 China's electronic music user size is 197 million, is expected to reach 358 million in 2018, 2019 will exceed 400 million.

Although the minority, but the user who likes electronic voice has precise labels. According to Wang meticulous introduction, Netease stabbing FEVER target audiences include audio enthusiasts and people with professional development needs, mainly after 90, 00. They focus on quality and experience, pursue personality and self-identity, have a more critical aesthetic, and have a strong curiosity and desire to explore, always full of vitality.

As an independent brand, NetEase stabbing FEVER is positioned as a comprehensive electro-acoustic service platform. Its main business sectors include live activities, music production/DJ colleges, artist brokers, cross-border brand cooperation, derivatives development, game music, high-end customized electro-acoustic travel and so on.

Compared with the NetEase's high-profile voice, the attention of other players in the market is actually earlier. In September 2017, Wu Weilin, vice president of Tencent Music and Entertainment Group, told Beijing Morning Post that radio will be a new trend after "hip-hop". Electric syllable is very popular in Las Vegas, Japan and many other places. Compared with other forms of music, electronic music is easier to break through language restrictions and easier to spread to the whole world. In January this year, Tencent music and SONY music jointly announced the establishment of the international phonetic brand Liquid State.

Wang Sicong also showed strong interest in electric sound. Wang Sicong's banana entertainment became a co host of ULTRA CHINA in 2017.

Popular mode of capital transformation

Can the electricity market be accepted by a new generation of young people?

In Wang Zhen's opinion, it is not worth worrying. The diversified music style, such as live experience of electronics, just caters to the change of consumption upgrade and diversification of Chinese young people. "Now NetEase cloud music has more than 100000000 users, so we can see that the potential of China's electronic music market is huge. Based on this background, we hope to bring the experience of the scene to the line.

In fact, the use of the power of capital to promote a musical approach in the era of mobile Internet cross-border pan-entertainment has been a number of success stories. In 2017, Hip Hop in China, a variety show by Edge Arts, became popular with young people, along with the music form.

Wang Xiaohui, chief content officer of Aiqiyi, revealed in an interview that the first season of "China has hip-hop" began with the cool start of "Zero Merchants". But the explosion of the program made the sponsors of the second season "break the top". After hip-hop, Ikee and Youku launched hip-hop shows, and eventually both programs were welcomed by the market.

Capital reshape online music

A new form of music and popular culture is obviously inseparable from the strong intervention of capital, but the impact of capital on the industry is actually far-reaching. With the help of capital, the online music market gradually stabilized.

Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) Group's IPO prospectus after the announcement of the "valuation of almost a Netease" data to the industry. But by analyzing the development of TME, we can find that integrating QQ music, cool music, cool dog music three channels, swapping shares with Swedish streaming media giant Spotify, spending a lot of money to reserve music copyright for many years, relying on the social advantages of Tencent Group, the huge advantages of capital + traffic + users + made TME. But Tencent Music Entertainment Group postponed its initial public offering to at least November as a result of the global market sell-off, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Perhaps by coincidence of time, when TME was ready to go public, Baidu announced a new round of financing strategy to lead the investment of NetEase Cloud Music. Although Baidu did not disclose the price of the next round of investment, Baidu was obviously aiming at the content ecological advantages that NetEase Cloud Music can bring, and NetEase Cloud Music also needs Baidu's traffic and technology. The advantage of operation. The trend of online music oligopoly in China is already very obvious.

Han Yuanjia, Beijing Morning Post reporter

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